Grand National Roadster Show at Fairplex

January 24, 2014

Things are b u s y at Fairplex this weekend, which is exactly how we like it. Thanks to the 65th Grand National Roadster Show, our expo halls are filled with shiny, carefully restored cars and motorcycles from decades past.

Grand Roadster Show at FairplexMotorcycles and automobiles at the Grand National Roadster Show

Our streets are lined with food vendors selling burgers, hot dogs, sweet treats, beer and other delicious items while a North American Eagle Land Speed racer, one of the fastest land vehicle in the world, sits in all it’s glory at the center of the show. There is plenty of entertainment lined up, including live bands, trophy girl contests and the annual model cars contest. If you’re a car enthusiast it’s worth your while to drive on over and check out the splendor.

Grand National Roadsters is the longest running indoor car show in the world. We took a quick walk through the place before it opened. Here is a snapshot of just a few of the things we found:

You can check out more photos on our Facebook page. Hope you can make it out this weekend! The party goes from Friday – Sunday, January 24th – 26, 2014. To purchase tickets, click here.  

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