Dinosaurs stomp into Fairplex

November 21, 2013

It’s just your typical rainy day at Fairplex. Hot tea and coffee sitting on office desks, warm soup being made in the break room, dinosaurs rolling into Expo Hall 7…

Just a few of the dinosaurs invading Fairplex campus

Wonder of Dinosaurs opens tomorrow for dino-lovers of all ages. Life-size dinosaurs are quickly filling one of our most spacious expo halls and yet another is full of dinosaur rides, dinosaur bounce houses, a gold and gemstone panning site and other fun activities for the smaller would-be paleontologists in the family.

It’s crazy to think that just two months ago this hall was filled with shopping booths and Fairguests. You wouldn’t think it’s the same building, with trees, bushes and of course, life-size dinosaurs roaming the floorspace. Versatility at its finest.

For more information on Wonder of Dinosaurs, visit www.wonderofdinosaurs.com. For more information on Fairplex visit www.fairplex.com.

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