Event Industry News: Content marketing for events, Twitter updates and Apple announcements

October 21, 2013


Content marketing for events: Content marketing is more than just a buzz term. It’s an effective way to engage your audience and a great way to tell your brand’s story. Content marketing’s primary purpose is to build brand loyalty and recognition. Event planners can utilize content marketing strategies to create excitement before, during and after an event. How do you get started?

BizBash highlighted content creation company PulsePoint as a great resource. PulsePoint creates websites specific to the event (they call them EventHubs.) These sites emphasize content like interviews with speakers, photos and videos of the event and stories on event-related trends. Your site can feature real-time updates during the event, post photo and video galleries and round out content with stories from similar events or with industry news updates. Whether you use PulsePoint EventHubs or not, content marketing for your event in myriad ways: your website, your blog, your social media channels…

For example: A music festival wants to generate brand recognition/loyalty through content marketing. Creating an EventHub and/or designing your own website would enable you to tell your story in full (before, during and after.) Your audience can watch interviews with featured artists (before), view photos and videos of live performances (during) and read about event highlights (after.) There isn’t a particularly hard selling point on your site. Instead, there is a story being  told. Potential attendees are seeing what your festival has to offer, and why your event matters to them. You are showing them the value of your event and inviting them to get excited about it.

Social media: Twitter is upping their game in multiple ways: direct messages are allowed from all followers (optional), and marketers who use Twitter’s ad products can now schedule tweets in advance. Both features make users more accessible by marketing and advertising campaigns. While it’s a helpful feature for brands, consumers may think differently if they start getting DMs from strangers and start seeing a pattern of advertising in their feed.

Tech: It’s Apple vs. Everyone Else this week as buzz continues to build over the new Nokia Lumia 1520 (leaked information promises a six-inch screen) and the debut of Microsoft’s Surface tablets. Meanwhile, Apple is planning to reveal its latest wave of tech gadgets tomorrow (Oct. 22) Rumors are swirling that an iPad mini and the new Mac Pro will be part of the lineup but at this point it’s anyone’s guess.

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