Fairplex is the master of transformation. Sure the Staples Center might be able to switch from an ice rink to a basketball court on the fly, but have you ever seen our moves?

In 10 days we have transformed the Latin themed Plaza de las Americas into a Bavarian wonderland and the Living Library of Fun into a Festhalle full of dancing and beer.

Our Oktoberfest “Festhalle” housed America’s Kids: A Living Library of Fun during the L.A. County Fair. The yellow brick road and Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz, a hobbit hole from the Shire and an entire section dedicated to our favorite superheroes filled the 30,800 hall. As soon as the Fair shut down it was time to prep for Oktoberfest.

Giant books were shipped off to storage and the yellow brick road, along with thousands of contributions from students and superhero costumes were put away as bright blue and white banners were hung from the ceiling and food, brews and an oom-pah-pah stage were set up.


America’s Kids superhero corner is transformed into a dining area

Meanwhile Plaza de las Americas experienced a makeover of its own as Bavaria took over. What used to be a colorful and lively shopping place has been restructured into beer stands, carnival games and dining areas.

Taking an entire Latin plaza and turning it into a German village takes a bit of creativity. Luckily, the brightly painted building facades match both Latino and Bavarian culture.

Signs and decor were taken down and replaced with a decidedly more European feel. Names like “Hofer’s Cafe” and “Bier garten” grace the walls and facades now.

Beer stands and food trucks have been set-up along the walls and the Plaza de las Americas stage has been changed to feature classic rock cover bands instead of mariachi music.

It’s fun to walk through the Fairgrounds and see everything transform in the space of ten days. As soon as the Fair closes, a 24-hour transformation ensues as animals, carnival rides and shopping and food vendors pack up and bid farewell to Fairplex.

As the Fair fun moved out, new events rolled in. Last weekend the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo brought in trucks, cars and other fun items and Rob Zombie began setting up his house of horrors (Great American Nightmare) in two of our shopping halls.

Oktoberfest runs every Thursday-Sunday through October 27th. Additional information is available at www.oktoberfestatfairplex.com

Hope to see you here! Prost!

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