Craft Beer Experience comes to Oktoberfest

October 3, 2013

Oktoberfest is all about the beer. But you knew that.

What you might not know is that we are bringing the beer drinking experience to a whole new level at this year’s event. In addition to our enormous steins of beer we will also have the iPourIt Craft Beer Experience available at Oktoberfest. If you visited the L.A. County Fair you might have tasted a preview of the new system.

iPourIt is a hit at the L.A. County Fair

Of the many food & beverage trends that emerged in 2013, craft beer has taken center stage. It’s no longer about shotgunning a can of beer or just kicking back with a cold bottle of Miller Lite. Beer is about the experience–food pairings and the varying degrees of flavor that only a craft brewery can conjure.

The Oktoberfest craft beer experience features more than 20 such brews, all of which are yours for the sampling. You pay by the ounce so you could taste virtually all 20 flavors for the price of a pint. It’s pretty simple:

1. Swipe your credit card.
2. Receive wristband.
3. Scan wristband at whichever beer you would like to sample. You’re in control of the amount you’re poured. (You’re charged by the ounce: .62 cents/oz)
4. Pour as much (or little) of any particular brew into your cup.
5. Enjoy!

As for food pairings, there are plenty of options at Oktoberfest. Some items include bratwurst, pretzels and hamburgers. We’ll even have King Taco to add a little variety to the Bavarian mix. And if IPAs and experimental lagers aren’t your thing, we still have the classics available at our other beer stands. In any event, cheers!

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