Event Industry News: Sharing hotel rooms with strangers

June 10, 2013

Image courtesy of winnond at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sharing hotel rooms with strangers: Easynest, a new website, allows travelers to book hotel rooms and split the cost… with a total stranger. Creepy in theory, efficient in reality. Someone looking for a comfortable stay in a hotel room can partner with someone else and split the cost of one night in half (since most hotels charge for 2 people per room anyway.) The hotels do not take part in the website or partner agreement process. You and your room partner take care of costs just like a normal hotel stay. One of several questionable aspects of the new site is the lack of accountability–i.e. if your partner decides to bail, you will have to cover the full cost.

Social Media: Plenty of changes are underway for social media platforms across the Web. Aside from Yahoo!’s adoption of Tumblr, Twitter is partnering up with two large ad firms and Facebook plans to cut the number of ad units in half (hallelujah.) All ads will know have a social component (likes, shares, a story).

Technology: Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the latest product updates from Apple, a first since the release of the iPad mini in October 2012. Announcements included the latest and greatest for the iOS7 upgrade including the weather app, zooming into an app (vs. switching screens) and animated wallpaper and lock screens (the last time I had one of those was back in the flip phone days.) Multitasking is also a new feature, designed to preserve battery life. Other announcements included iTunes Radio, new versions of Macbook Air and Mac Pro and upgrades to the Maps and Safari apps.

Just for fun… Check out Google’s homepage for the Doodle of the Day. Happy Birthday to the late Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are. We are proud to host your literature at the L.A. County Fair this year!

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