L.A. Weekender: Relax, dance and grub

May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. A free Monday is now a thing of the past (until Labor Day!) While I’m sure many of you have been detoxing from a weekend of BBQ and beer, you might as well put the diet on hold for this weekend too because this itinerary is all about the food. (And music and movies… but really, the food.)

Keep reading to get the low-down on where to relax, dance and grub this weekend:

1. Back to the Future: Do Flashback Friday (Throwback Thursday is so last month) and head to Pershing Square for a free outdoor screening of Back to the Future. Grab a brew or two, then settle in for some DeLorean kicks.

2. Free tango lessons: While you’re in the area, you might as well swing by The Music Center Plaza for some free Argentine tango lessons. It might not be how you planned to spend your Friday night, but what’s life without a little deviation?

3. Free grilled cheese: If Burbank is your neighborhood you might want to book it to the grand opening of The Melt for some free grilled cheese this Saturday (12-6 p.m.) Check their Facebook page for details (including the secret password you’ll need for the free cheese.)

4. Santa Monica Festival: If Burbank is a little too deep in the valley for you, stick to the Westside and hit up Clover Park on Ocean Blvd for the Santa Monica Festival. The event captures the things that define L.A. including some live music, dancing, food trucks, cooking demos, fitness classes and art workshops. 

5. Sunday Funday: After two days of food, dance, movies and whatever else you managed to squeeze in, nothing sounds quite so nice as a lazy Sunday morning sleeping in and then searching for a good brunch (via ray at www.dresshead.com). If you’re in our neck of the city, McKinley’s Grille is offering their Champagne Brunch (I can attest to the delicious farm chilled ratatouille.)

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