Event Industry News: Heightened event security measures take shape after Boston bombings

April 22, 2013

http://blog.seattlepi.com/boomerconsumer/files/2013/04/Boston_Marathon_bombing_first_bomb_site_54_minute_before_explosion.jpgPhoto taken from http://blog.seattlepi.com

Boston: The tragedies that struck the Boston Marathon exactly a week ago has made a significant impact in the event industry, specifically in regards to security. In Los Angeles alone, police were out in full force at large events including the Toyota Grand Prix, Dodgers, Lakers and Kings games and an assortment of others. Event producers of runners events around the world are taking a second, third and fourth look at security measures for runners and onlookers.

twitter music

Social Media: Twitter has music. All users can use the new iPhone app/website to discover popular songs and dig emerging artists out of obscurity. To put it simply: it’s a new way to share and be shared. Song recommendations run freely, from both their friends and their favorite artists. One highlight is the ability to listen to music while perusing tweets at the same time.

Fujitsu took “scanning” to a whole new level and turned paper into a touchscreen. Event planners can use this technology to their advantage in multiple ways, from uploading tangible content directly to web/blog/social media to guests using the technology themselves (signing in, leaving comments, entering giveaways etc.)

Earth Day: Today more than 192 countries participate in the celebration of our planet and appreciating Mother Nature. While perhaps not directly related to event news, check out the Google homepage for a little inspiration for today.

What does Earth Day mean for you?

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