Event Industry News: The Oscars, a circus and the XBox 720

February 25, 2013

The Oscars: Last night the most influential, prestigious awards ceremony in the film industry left itself open to a flurry of mixed reactions.  A number of reviews have described this year’s ceremony as tasteless, boring and way too long. Others enjoyed the musical talent and Seth MacFarlane’s hosting skills.

“Argo” won Best Picture, Jennifer Lawrence received Best Actress (“Silver Linings Playbook”), Daniel Day Lewis claimed Best Actor (“Lincoln”) and “Life of Pi” took everything else.

Event industry pros gave their own opinions of the show but everyone agreed on one thing at least: The stage design was phenomenal, if not the show itself.

After parties: BizBash gives us an inside look at the post-show festivities.

Teamwork: With the increasing number of event apps emerging this year, the industry welcomes a new event, called Event Tech Circus. Hosted in Amsterdam, the conference will focus on connecting event organizers, tech companies and investors to bring new ideas to fruition.

Event Technology: Jeff Hurt Blog posted an infographic listing eight techno gadgets coming out in 2013. Gamers can geek out at the XBox 720 while the rest of us can speculate on what Google Glass is going to look (and feel) like.

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