4 Wedding Trends for 2013 (Weddings Part 3)

February 21, 2013

At long last we have reached the end of our Weddings series.

Parts 1 and 2 focused on building a working relationship with your client and creating a unique experience for them. Part 3 will conclude our series with a look into wedding trends for the upcoming season.

What’s out: The past few years have seen an abundance of rustic romance: mason jars, barns, antiques and wildflowers seemed to take precedence over crystal, satin, ballrooms and roses. Now the trends are taking a turn back towards sophistication.

Like the rest of the event world, the wedding industry is closing up shop on the short-lived rustic simplicity trend and turning to elegance.

What’s in: Of course, when it comes to weddings, tastes are as diverse as the bride & groom themselves. However, this is what the industry is buzzing about:

Trend #1: Green


The color, not the movement (although going green is also a trend prediction.) Already listed as the color of the year, several wedding experts predict green will be a favorite color theme. Other colors include bright red and violet hues.

Trend #2: Themed weddings

A carnival circus, camping (yep, its a thing), the Wizard of Oz… Couples are beginning to think outside-the-church, going outside of traditional venues and customs and doing things their own way. A wedding in the sky is now just one of many fun themes.

“Themed weddings are becoming more common,” Pamela Neman, Sheraton Fairplex Hotel sales manager says. “It’s less about tradition now and more about the individual couple.”

Trend #3: The English Garden


For the past two years peonies and garden roses have been on high demand from many brides and the trend isn’t slowing down now. This year’s bouquets and centerpieces are designed to be lavish in style and rich in color.

Trend #4: Fresh & local fare

According to Elizabeth Creasey, a Los Angeles caterer, fresh and local are two of the most popular requests when planning menus for brides. Though rare, hotels and restaurants with on-site farms are in the perfect position to cater to these events.

For example, McKinley’s Grille, adjacent to the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel, creates the majority of meals from the fresh ingredients taken from McKinley’s Farm, the onsite urban garden. All catering and dining services reflect those menus.

Colorful bridesmaid dresses, fun and original wedding themes, an abundance of English flora and freshly made gourmet fare seem to be on the horizon for weddings in 2013. Is it really goodbye mason jars, hello crystal vases? Is it a fond farewell to walking down the church aisle and a hallelujah skip down the garden path instead?

Really, the bride is the one who makes the call. It is the venues, caterers and wedding planners who need to anticipate every whim and fancy, trending or not.

But that’s the fun of it.


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