Event Industry News: All about the Super Bowl

February 4, 2013

The Game: Super Bowl XLVII was both bizarre and wonderful. The Ravens won but the 49ers gave em’ a run for their money. This isn’t a sports blog so I’ll keep it brief: Ravens murdered the Niners in the first half and Jacoby Jones turned on beast mode and scored a touchdown with a 108-yard return in the second half. Then the blackout happened and the Niners revived with an incredible comeback because they are the Niners and they don’t do things like throw a big game away. Unfortunately for them, the Ravens, known all season for their strong defense weren’t about to lose and with a final score of 34-31, an explosion of purple, football players and Ravens quarterback Flacco’s choice words, the Super Bowl came to an end, leaving fans of both teams satisfied with a great game of football. For a more detailed re-cap click here.

The Blackout: Last week I posted a blog about throwing a Super Bowl party and making sure no tech issues got in the way. Little did we know the party foul to end all party fouls would happen at the SuperDome itself… In  the 34 minutes of 0 commercials and an overload of boring, the Twitterverse had plenty to say about it.

The Commercials: The general consensus is that they were lackluster this year but there were some undeniable “greats.” The Washington Post gave their “Top 5” and between old people being awesome with Taco Bell, SamSung’s smart dialogue and the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial with all the feels, I would have to agree. 


The Beyonce: Half-time show = success. As someone who adores this music goddess, I personally was blown away by Beyonce’s stellar voice, spicy moves and the light show that may have been responsible for the blackout in the second half of the game. Coupled with a mini-reunion of Destiny’s Child, the 12-minute performance was spectacular. BizBash compiled the opinions of several event professionals.

Regardless of whether you watch the Super Bowl for the game, the commercials or the half time show, every element of the event was one to remember. And lest blacking out makes us forget, NOLA did an excellent job of hosting Super Bowl festivities and giving the players and the fans a lovely taste of Southern hospitality.

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