5 Helpful Apps for Event Planners

January 18, 2013

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: Mobile apps are an essential part of event planning.

We did a feature on one such app, Bizzabo and the benefits of incorporating tech into events. 2013 is looking to be the most smartphone-driven year yet.

Between guest registration, networking tools, laying out event agendas and good old-fashioned brainstorming sessions, smartphones will be there with you to the end. We’ve compiled a list of apps that will (hopefully) make event planning/execution a little easier.

from LifeHacker

1. Evernote: The beginning stages of brainstorming for an event can be organized both visually and through writing with Evernote. This handy app (also used on a desktop) gathers the best of your design concepts, agendas, guest lists, contact info and anything else you need and keeps them in one place. Think of it as a virtual notebook (with room to save photos/video/links) and an endless supply of virtual sticky notes.


2. AllSeated: Originally introduced at a BizBash Ideafest in Fall 2012 (and met with positive feedback), this handy little app is the answer to many event planning problems. Two words: cohesive communication. With AllSeated, event planners, vendors, venues and event hosts can look at seating charts, floor arrangements, guest lists and other event elements in one place. Everyone is constantly on the same page.


3. Bloodhound: All planning aside, the real challenge is the execution of an event. Anything can happen, for better or for worse. Bloodhound takes some of the stress away as the self-proclaimed “complete mobile solution for events.” This puppy does everything, from being a virtual business card/badge holder, event guide and networking tool. Event planners can upload and change event times/locations and make announcements as needed. On top of that, Twitter feeds and event analytics are also available to event planners. Did we mention no Wi-Fi is needed?

4. Eventbrite: With Eventbrite, guests can RSVP, purchase tickets and check-in to events. As an event planner, you have the ability to manage the guest list and keep track of who has arrived, all from the comfort of your phone.


5. Customized apps: Event planning apps are just the tip of the techberg. One way to really stand out AND serve your guests is to develop an app of your own. This gives event guests leeway to network and arrange their own meet-ups with other guests, providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Not to toot our own horn here, but the L.A. County Fair app is a prime example of how a customized app suits some events perfectly 🙂



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