Three Helpful Tips for Booking Entertainment

November 13, 2012

Every year guests look forward to the concerts and live performances at the L.A. County Fair.

There is a lot that goes into choosing the entertainment. The selection process includes themes of the Fair, uniqueness of act, pricing, availability, and logistics.  Most stages and attraction areas are themed or take a specific direction so the entertainment needs to fit.

Whether it’s a one-day event or a month-long extravaganza, there are several important factors to keep in mind when scouting for entertainment. Fairplex entertainment & attractions supervisor Christy Enderle stopped by and gave us some of her best tips:

1. Always be on the lookout. You never know where the next big thing is going to be. Sometimes it comes from an EP from an unknown band. Sometimes it’s when you’re at the local bar with your friends on a Friday night. Sometimes it’s at another event.

2. Know your audience. When deciding the entertainment for the L.A. County Fair, Christy chose groups that would appeal to every audience. Radio Disney up-and-coming favorites, Earth Wind & Fire, The Wanted, Journey and Queen cover bands and multiple other acts were included in the 2012 line-up.

3. Do your research. The first step in any of these situations is to get a promotional packet on the group, which includes video or CD, photos, description of the act, their website and their daily rate. Knowing exactly what you are receiving will prepare you as negotiations and contracts begin.

At the end of the day, entertainment is for the audience. Keeping their preferences and personalities will help you to fine-tune your ears (and eyes!) to what to look for.


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