From Biz Bash: Facebook Tops Twitter, Economy Looking Up, Green Planning Important

November 1, 2012
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Guests in bathrobes. Plate stealers. Kentucky Derby mud rollers (yes, you read that right). In the event industry you’re guaranteed to see it all.

BizBash polled over 40 meeting and event professionals their annual IdeaFest (New York) about their take on the economic state of the event industry, trends for next year and some of their craziest stories.

Some of their findings:

In one word, describe how you think the state of the event industry will change in 2013.
“More social.”

Which social media platform do you use most to promote your events?
Facebook: 61.4{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Twitter: 15.9{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Google+: 0{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Instagram: 0{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
LinkedIn: 0{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Don’t use social media: 2.7{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}

Who would you rather plan an event for?
Barack Obama: 16{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Mitt Romney: 6.8{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Michelle Obama: 68.2{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Ann Romney: 9{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}

Which digital technology will you use more next year?
Apps: 34{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Digital mapping: 2.2{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Live streaming: 16{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}
Social media aggregators (and more use of social media in general): 48{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}

The rest of their findings are available here. It will be interesting to see how many of these trend predictions will play out… in the meantime we will be asking ourselves which presidential candidate we would want to host an event for.

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