Top Social Media and Content Marketing Blogs To Follow

October 17, 2012

Social media. It’s no longer a buzz word but a daily part of our lives, no longer a novelty but a standard means of communication.

The event industry, like many other businesses, has changed with the rise of social media. Not only social media, but iPhones and other smart phones have opened up new opportunities and challenges alike for the industry. Every phone has a camera, Internet access, and social media apps and incidents can be shared online within seconds. An event can be branded and promoted in dozens of ways. Keeping up with the latest in social media and content marketing can truly “up” your game in hosting events.

PlannerWire recently posted a blog listing the top 24 content and social media marketing blogs event planners should follow. From Facebook marketing to strategies on generating a strong audience following, these blogs are worth a read.

See their suggestions here.

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