Fifty Shades of Running

October 10, 2012

Grey isn’t the only color trending this year. In fact, it’s only one of many and they are all coming to Fairplex, thanks to the Color Vibe 5k.

Back in the day people used to run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and full marathons in typical style, with sweat dripping from their foreheads, the endorphins and shouts of encouragement reflected in their bright eyes and the sound of the pavement being conquered under their sneakers. Lately, however, these events have taken running to a new level. Now it’s all about the color run. In a standard “color run,” participants walk, jog or run through the course while being pelted with different shades of the rainbow (in the form of safe but extremely bright dye). By the time they reach the finish line, each runner is coated in a fun mishmash of color as a testament to their 3.1 mile trek. The novelty of this experience draws beginners and regular runners alike into the fun of a 5k.

The leader of these events is The Color Run, with races happening throughout the nation. The race is, in their own words, “less about speed and more about crazy color fun,” open to all ages, couch potatoes and athletes. Similar to that is Color Me Rad and the Los Angeles based Color Dash.

Sound fun? We thought so too which is why we are inviting you to sweat in color at the Color Vibe 5k! We are giving away six FREE registrations to you! For a chance to win, answer this question in the comment box below:

If you could pick any color combination for your running shoes, what would it be and why?

This giveaway is open through Monday, Oct. 15 and we will announce the winner on Tuesday, Oct. 16th! Good luck and get ready to run in color!

We are also offering a 25{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c} discount for anyone who uses the coupon code: fairplexcolorvibe when they register. Spots fill up fast so make sure you don’t miss out!

The Color Vibe is happening on Saturday, Oct. 20 with races beginning at 9:00 a.m. and every ten minutes after that. Make sure to register here:


  1. My shoes would be Cardinal and Gold to represent USC! Fight on!

  2. Pink because it’s october
    Green to represent nature (&my favorite color)
    Orange for fall (my favorite season!)

  3. Pink and grey…the colors just go well together, plus pink will stand out among the fifty shades of grey!!

  4. I’d have to say Purple and Pink with some glitter shades of grey. Purple for my favorite color, pink in support of breast cancer awareness (my godmother was diagnosed with it) and glitter shades of grey for my all time favorite book 🙂

  5. I would choose an array or variety of colors because they remind of the diversity of all runners throught the world!

  6. Purple and Gold to represent my favorite team – The Lakers!

  7. I would love<3 to wear pink running shoes to represent the cause of cancer (;

  8. I’d choose:
    Strawberry pink
    Lime green
    Aqua blue

    The colors I see when i’m sipping on a margarita at the beach!

  9. My shoes would have to be matte grey with neon green trimmings. These colors will help keep the shoes looking clean and also to be seen running in the dark.

  10. The two colors I would choose would be white with a splash of black because the combo would produce the perfect 50 Shades of Grey! =) Actually white because it’s the absence of all color and black because it’s the result of all colors combined. Pick me!

  11. My colors would be black and orange for my favorite guy…Tigger! He always keeps me bouncin’!

  12. I would wear RED for my fire and strength within and BLUE for my confidence and intelligence. They are united colors, as we should be!

  13. Pink Green and purple!
    Pink for the girls and a reminder of the power of the pink ribbon; green for the boys that compliments the pink so well; and purple for royalty because all people deserve to live life richly!

  14. My Life Running Shoes would be PINK for cancer awareness and find a cure, GREEN for eco system, world environment and WHITE for peace in the world and the peace one feels when Running free.

  15. I think I would like multi-colored, so the would go with any work out clothes that I happen to be wearing!

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