A Traveling Wine Tasting Event

July 23, 2009

three_wine_glasses_resizedThis is one of the most fun wine tasting events at McKinley’s Grille at Sheraton Fairplex hotel. It’s a progressive party that starts on the McKinley’s Grille patio and moves to the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum and the famous but little seen Fairplex Wine Cellar, which is mission central for the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions.

The tastings for this event are award winners from this year’s competition (3,400 entries from around the globe). It’s a great way to try out some of these wines without making a commitment to a whole bottle.

It’s an affordable $25 per person and it includes many tastings and some great food go-withs from the McKinley’s Grille executive chef, David Teig. Unless you’re a really big eater, there’s plenty of food (and wine!) for a light summer supper.

McKinley’s Grille
Sheraton Fairplex Hotel
Corner of McKinley & White Ave.
5:30 – 8 p.m.
$25 per person, inclusive
Call for reservations by Tuesday, July 28 (909) 868-5930


  1. This sounds fabulous! How often does this occur? I am intrigued by great food that will be served by the chef.

  2. I’ve heard of the international wine competition that is held onsite, which is not open to the public. On the tour, will we get to see behind-the-scenes of the competition? Must we arrive by 5:30 or will tours run throughout the eve?

  3. winediva: The tastings are usually on a monthly basis except during the L.A. County Fair. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know when the next one comes up.

  4. wineosaur: You’re right that the wine competition is not a public event. That’s why this event is so special. You’ll get to taste many of the great wines that won awards at the competition plus you can tour the wine cellar, also generally not open to the public, where all the wine is stored, cataloged, managed, etc. And you’ll meet our famous Cellar Master, Mary Ellen Cole.

    You can probably wander around on your own, but it’s good to arrive roughly between 5:30 and 6 so that you’re sure to move with the crowd to the next location and not miss any tastings or food items. Hope you enjoy it. I do.

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