Three Fairplex Events Kick Off 2009

December 17, 2008

We’re only taking a small break for the holidays. Then’ll we’ll kick start the New Year with three fun shows. The Tattoo & Body Art Expo, a long-time Fairplex fave, will hit Fairplex 9 Friday, Jan. 2 through Sunday, Jan. 4. Ok, there’s no question that body art and tattoos aren’t for everyone. But truly, this phenomenon is no longer the exclusive domain of bikers. Just ask any college kid you know. If their parents aren’t around, many of them will probably have at least one “tat” to show you.Even if you’re only thinking about a tat, this is the place to come. You’ll meet every artist who’s anybody in the world of body art and you’ll see some truly unbelievable body art.

This is a recession buster show. The promotors have reduced the daily admission to $20. Park at Gate 9.

Fri. 2 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Sat. 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sun.11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

If your not into ink, don’t worry. We have other shows that weekend. Saturday, Jan. 3 and Sunday, Jan. 4, the all new
Reptile Super Show at Fairplex 6 has more than 300 tables of exotic animals. Admission is only $8 (kids $5; kids 3 and under free).

Looking for a fun, completely free event? There’s the California Rabbit and Cavy Show in Barn 9A on Sunday, Jan. 4.


  1. Yes, wakeboardermb. There are people getting tats all over the place. These are some of the best body ink artists in the nation, so if you’re tempted, this is the place.

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