Join the Flock at Everybody’s Bird Mart

November 25, 2008

Maybe you’re thinking about a pet for Christmas. Maybe you’re thinking a bird would be an excellent pet because they are pretty much low-maintenance. After all, you don’t have to rush home from work to let the bird out, right?

If you’re thinking about making the commitment to bird ownership, we have the perfect place to start: Everybody’s Bird Mart this Sunday, Nov, 30 at Fairplex 4. This is the place to meet and talk to experts who own and breed every possible bird variety all in one place on one day. There will be other experienced bird owners there as visitors and they are often your best resources

Bird lovers agree that their feathered friends make great companions. Note the use of “companions” rather than “pets.” That’s because bird owners soon learn how really smart birds are and how much they’re going to require of you as an owner. Some breeds are lower maintenance (finches, cockatiels and canaries, for example) and others are pretty much going to be your masters, like parrots. Here are some additional resources so you can learn about being a bird parent.

The training video in this post is from Jamieleigh’s Parrot Help, a blog with all kinds of tips for owning, caring for and training pet birds.

Parrot Central is a web site dedicated to educating humans who are thinking about bird ownership. It includes everything from buying birds to identifying household toxins that are harmful to birds.

Planned Parrothood is described as a “playground for parrots and the people they own.” Catch the drift here?

Come on down. It’s cheap entertainment at the very least.
Adults $5.00
Children 12 and under: Free. 

Park at Gate 3 on McKinley Ave.


  1. I have been down the dog road – $3000 in new sprinklers and drip lines, torn up screens, poop in the grass – and it’s for the birds 🙂 Birds are smaller, don’t take up much room, live for a long time and are pretty low maintenance and this show is the place for anything and everything birds!!!

  2. Love the Planned Parrothood. Very clever! I will check it out. It sounds like fun and the kids sound jazzed to see the various birds.

  3. There isn’t a good bird shop in the area. Thanks for having this event. I’ll be sure to attend.

  4. What a hoot! Even though the event is 25 miles from me, I’d like to check this out. Can’t wait.

  5. When do you have your Birdmart in 2009
    Thank you

  6. Today is July 31, 2009, When is the next Bird Mart scheduled? Can I get on the mailing list?
    Thank You

  7. Hi Ron. The next Bird Mart is Sunday, Nov. 29 in Fairplex 4. On the landing page there is a big blue button on the right that reads, Sign Up to receive Promotions and News. If you click that, you can sign up to receive Fairplex Happenings, our year-round event e-blast. It’s published weekly (except during the Fair in September) and will keep you up to date on all Fairplex events, including Bird Mart.

  8. I’ve been going to the “Bird Mart” for many years. They have a huge selection of all types of birds as well as cages and bird toys. Also, the bird feed is so much cheaper to buy at this event than buying your bird food at a Petco or any regular pet shop. You get to meet all sorts of great bird breeders who have a wealth of knowledge about how to take care of the various birds that are for sale. I look forward to every bird show st the Fairplex. I have 48 birds.

  9. When is your next Everybody’s Bird mart at Pomona Fair grounds in CA
    Thank you

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