LA Weekender: Festivals (not Coachella), movies and Lucha Libre

In case you are one of the many who are missing out on Coachella this weekend, our LA Weekender has a few suggestions for you…

Skyline Los Angeles Night 1024x682 LA Weekender: Festivals (not Coachella), movies and Lucha Libre  Photo taken from

1. An evening with Hitchcock: Start your weekend a little early tonight at the New Beverly Cinema and a back-to-back Alfred Hitchcock special. Shell out $8, buy some popcorn and enjoy the genius of “Rear Window” and Rope.”

2. Burbank Art Festival: Downtown Burbank will be packed with artists, street painters and plenty of art lovers this weekend (Sat-Sun.) Animation and digital artists, painters, sculptures and photographers will be on-hand, displaying their artistry. For more information, check out the art festival’s website.

3. Los Angeles Dance Festival: Continuing the art activities is the Los Angeles Dance Festival. The whole weekend is packed with performances, open classes and discussions focusing on everything from ballet to aerial dance. Purchase tickets and read up on available classes and performances here.

4. Bar & Garden: Prepare your palette for the L.A. County Fair’s wine classes at Bar & Garden, the newest of many fun establishments in Culver City. Visit after brunch on Sunday (2 – 5 p.m.) for a little wine tasting. One of my personal favorite weekend neighborhoods, a stroll through the Arts District reveals many fun restaurants and bars to check out.

5. Lucha Libre USA: If wine tasting on a Sunday afternoon is a little too quiet for your taste, look towards Ontario for the Lucha Libre USA masked fighting tournament. It’s all noise and rowdy fun for all ages (to watch, not fight…).

And you’re off! Have a fantastic weekend, whatever you decide to do icon smile LA Weekender: Festivals (not Coachella), movies and Lucha Libre

L.A. Weekender: Drink, walk, play

We are almost to Friday! Whether you’re sitting in your cubicle, just ending Spring Break or in the middle of planning a major event, there are plenty of ways to relax and enjoy the California sunshine we all take for granted love. On that note, here is our second edition of the L.A. Weekender.

This week’s 5 picks for some weekend fun:

staples center la live a l L.A. Weekender: Drink, walk, play Photo taken from The Hollywood Reporter

1. LA Beer Fest: In the spirit of our own International Commercial Beer Competition, drink, eat and play at the 5th annual L.A. Beer Fest on Melrose! Grab your favorite brew or try something new. The day is divided into two sessions. Entertainment includes dueling pianos and cover bands. A chunk of the proceeds will to Noah’s Bark Animal Rescue.

2. Ronald McDonald’s Walk for Kids: Burn calories for a good cause this Sunday at USC in a non-competitive 5k (3.1 miles). Individuals and teams of businesses, community groups, families and friends can sign-up on the official website and give donations if desired. All proceeds go towards the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California.

3. L.A. Pride: Game on if you like hockey, basektball, baseball or just some good ol’ friendly competition! Rep your city and show some team spirit this weekend at a Kings, Laker or Dodger game! Dodgers play against the Pirates all weekend, the Lakers face off against the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday and the Kings get rowdy with the Oilers and the Ducks, Saturday and Sunday respectively. 

4. Ocean: Head over to Long Beach on Sunday and check out Ocean at the Aquarium of the Pacific. The show is a collaboration of artists, scientists and educators working to expand perspectives to the challenges facing one of the Earth’s most critical resources. A mixture of dance and science, it is both entertaining and insightful.

5. Taste of Pomona: Extend weekend festivities just a bit with the 9th annual Taste of Pomona on Monday, April 8. Join the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Pomona in an evening of fine dining and entertainment at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel. The festivities begin at 5 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door.



Event Industy News: CES, Warped Tour, #ticketmasterproblems, L.A. Fruit Park

Warped: Vans Warped Tour is coming to Fairplex in June (as it does every year) and the line-up is already starting to take shape. Bands include Forever the Sickest Kids, Hawthorne Heights and The Black Dahlia Murder. Stay tuned for updates on this one.

#Ticketmasterproblems: The official inaugural ball, welcoming Obama and Biden back into office, is mere weeks away and is one of the most anticipated events of the month. Tickets are were open to the public for $60, set to go on sale at a specific time on Ticketmaster. Unfortunately, the company accidentally sent out exclusive pre-sale invitations to a large number of people. The coveted tickets were swooped upon, the event sold out and the rest of the public was shut out. Needless to say, aside from the lucky few, many Ticketmaster customers were left more than a bit peeved as this preemptive snatching. As the Twitterverse would summarize: #ticketmasterproblems.

Speaking of hashtags… Hashtag is the official 2012 Word of the Year.

CES: Techies everywhere will want to be in Las Vegas, NV this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Kicking off today and lasting through Friday, January 11, celebrities, YouTube pros and “geeks” the world round’ will convene for mass devouring of some of the most innovative and up-and-coming inventions out there.

 Los Angeles Has a Fruit Park: “Fallen Fruit” as this urban oasis of nutrition is titled is the newest green addition to the City of Angels. That means 27 fruit trees, 8 grapevines and edible herbs for all. Dubbed a public art project, this park welcomes the community to enjoy the fruits of the city’s labor (pun definitely intended).

2013 Event Trends Part 2

Last week we covered trends for the upcoming year regarding food, technology and social media. The second part of our series is all about event production.

Design: It’s hard to predict what event design trends will emerge successful. The mind is a bottomless pit of creativity and new ideas spring forth quickly. Individuality and originality is what matters here and predictions are as varied and contradictory as they come. We managed to pull a few consistent remarks from the event industry however:

white1 218x300 2013 Event Trends Part 2

Photo taken from JessBeMe

Bid a fond peace out to…

  • The rustic look. A quick glance at Pinterest will tell you that event planners (and brides) were all about the mason jars, bird cages and twine last year. 2013 is looking for something new.
  • “Buzz foods”: You know, cupcakes, cake pops and all those cute little desserts

Say hello to…

  • Simple, clean, white: Pantone predicted white as a core shade for events in 2013. Whether a crisp snowy color or warm creamy tones, simplicity and classic design, paired with this neutral color will be a common theme.
  • Sometimes less is more: A centerpiece doesn’t need to be elaborate to make a statement, nor does an event have to be over-the-top to make it the best of the year. Trend predictions include scaling back on the outlandish and large and instead create a focus on small details and including audience interaction in decor plans.

Event Industry Marketing:

  • Branding: Events will be planned as part of branding strategies. Utilizing events as a long-term effort to establish a company’s message is essentially killing two birds with one stone.
  • Heavier reliance on technology: iPad check-ins. Social media promotion. Networking apps. Event dashboards. Communication with your audience. You get the picture.

Event Spending:

  • Corporate event spending is slated to increase by 20% over the next two years according to research conducted by Aberdeen Group.
  • The recession will likely still play a factor in how event planners spend their money although some event experts predict a few more luxurious affairs than the last four years have allowed.
  • Going green is still a thing.

Here’s to 2013! Looking forward to seeing which of these trends will emerge triumphant.

Event Industry News: 2013 Trends, 2012 Events in Review, Giant Pickles and Watermelons etc.

2013 Trends:
Event Manager Blog released their analysis of 2013 trends in the event industry. Big ideas include cohesive dashboards for event planners, photo booths and curating user-generated content at events. The full list is available here.

Most Influential Events of 2012: Event industry pros weighed in on what they thought was the most influential event of 2012. Although the presidential election, the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee and the Red Bull publicity stunt with Felix Baumgartner were mentioned, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London took the crown for the most visible and memorable event of the year.

Well, that’s weird. There’s a lot to be said about novelty… and tradition. These 12 cities in the U.S. dropped everything from pickles to a big bag of chips to ring in the New Year.

Social Media: Social media and marketing techniques will likely continue on a mobile path with campaigns and transaction methods tailored to smart phone mobile apps. A great analysis of this fast-growing trend is available here.

Let it snow, let it snow… in Los Angeles: Now this is just awesome.

Event News: Holiday parties are back on, social media is still popular and Los Angeles caviar has a new flair

IMG 4931 300x199 Event News: Holiday parties are back on, social media is still popular and Los Angeles caviar has a new flairThe holiday season is officially in motion with the celebration of Thanksgiving ending and Christmas music playing on the radio. While some may be looking forward to a couple weeks off work the event industry is busier than ever, from corporate parties to New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Regarding the holidays: According to an article from BizBash, holiday corporate parties are on the rise again, thanks to a more stable economy. However, over-the-top events are going out of style as many businesses focus on community and charity rather than topping the flashiest event.

Social Media: Use of social media in the event industry has nearly doubled within a two-year time frame according to a recent world-wide survey by the Site International Foundation. BizBash just wrote about Moment Studio, a “newsroom” used to create Facebook posts that go viral based on real-time online happenings. Pepsi is one of the first companies to jump on this train.

Keeping it local: Earlier this year Sprinkles Cupcake made headlines with their bright pink ATM machine at their Beverly Hills location. Following in the “order-to-go” trend is Beverly Hills Caviar, offering their dishes in vending machines.  A couple weeks ago we touched on the extravagant premiere parties and preparations made for the Breaking Dawn screenings… here’s what happened.

Event News: Election 2012, Hurricane Sandy, Event Apps and Twihards

This has been a huge week for the United States. Between the effects of Hurricane Sandy and today’s election there is more than enough going on in the nation. As for the event industry:

Hurricane Sandy: Many events on the East Coast were cancelled at the end of last week/beginning of the week due to damage at host venues and the impact the storm had on vendors. Events included the ING New York Marathon and several galas. Read the article from BizBash for more information.

Election: Election Day 2012 has arrived and many eyes will be glued to television screens as we wait to hear who will serve as President for the next four years. On the event planning side, Chicago and Boston are prepared for election-night while those who hosted presidential rallies in other states can finally take a breather after months of rushed, yet well-organized events.

Entertainment: The final installment of the Twilight Saga films, “Breaking Dawn Part II” premieres next weekend (November 16) but fans in Los Angeles are already prepared for the Nov. 12 screening and after party. Only 2,000 (selected via lottery) will be allowed to hunker down for the five-day campout.  The publicity is great and this week-long event should be a memorable one for the fans.

Technology: Event Manager Blog released a list of 10 new start up companies that can benefit the event industry and make planning and running events simpler.

How Hurricane Sandy is Affecting the East Coast Event Industry

hurricane sandy 2381667b 300x187 How Hurricane Sandy is Affecting the East Coast Event Industry

Photo taken from Telegraph UK

BizBash is currently operating a live blog with updates on how Sandy is impacting the events industry on the East Coast as well as the general state of things in New York and New Jersey.

All entries have been an excellent source of insight into both immediate (working with vendors, changing venues, monetary loss) and long-term consequences (loss of business, loss of venues) of the storm.

Our thoughts truly go out to all on the East Coast being affected by Hurricane Sandy.

From Biz Bash: Facebook Tops Twitter, Economy Looking Up, Green Planning Important

collectionitemimage 6403 300x200 From Biz Bash: Facebook Tops Twitter, Economy Looking Up, Green Planning Important

Photo taken from

Guests in bathrobes. Plate stealers. Kentucky Derby mud rollers (yes, you read that right). In the event industry you’re guaranteed to see it all.

BizBash polled over 40 meeting and event professionals their annual IdeaFest (New York) about their take on the economic state of the event industry, trends for next year and some of their craziest stories.

Some of their findings:

In one word, describe how you think the state of the event industry will change in 2013.
“More social.”

Which social media platform do you use most to promote your events?
Facebook: 61.4%
Twitter: 15.9%
Google+: 0%
Instagram: 0%
LinkedIn: 0%
Don’t use social media: 2.7%

Who would you rather plan an event for?
Barack Obama: 16%
Mitt Romney: 6.8%
Michelle Obama: 68.2%
Ann Romney: 9%

Which digital technology will you use more next year?
Apps: 34%
Digital mapping: 2.2%
Live streaming: 16%
Social media aggregators (and more use of social media in general): 48%

The rest of their findings are available here. It will be interesting to see how many of these trend predictions will play out… in the meantime we will be asking ourselves which presidential candidate we would want to host an event for.

Top Social Media and Content Marketing Blogs To Follow

Social media. It’s no longer a buzz word but a daily part of our lives, no longer a novelty but a standard means of communication.

The event industry, like many other businesses, has changed with the rise of social media. Not only social media, but iPhones and other smart phones have opened up new opportunities and challenges alike for the industry. Every phone has a camera, Internet access, and social media apps and incidents can be shared online within seconds. An event can be branded and promoted in dozens of ways. Keeping up with the latest in social media and content marketing can truly “up” your game in hosting events.

PlannerWire recently posted a blog listing the top 24 content and social media marketing blogs event planners should follow. From Facebook marketing to strategies on generating a strong audience following, these blogs are worth a read.

See their suggestions here.