Event Industry News: Upland Lemon Festival Re-cap

pie eating contest 199x300 Event Industry News: Upland Lemon Festival Re cap

We take lemon pie eating contests seriously around here!

Upland Lemon Festival 2014: Downtown Upland came alive this weekend for the 18th annual Upland Lemon Festival.

Despite the downpour on Friday, Upland residents of all ages came out to support local businesses, watch pie eating contests andLemon Idol, and enjoyed shopping, carnival rides, games and food.

In addition to the usual festival fanfare, Upland also hosted a butterfly habitat and a historic crate label exhibit, documenting citrus packaging labels from decades past.

Overall, we would say it was a big success!

#Dinnercam Promo Video

Tech: If you’re a food blogger and/or work in social media for restaurants, the new #Dinnercam is a slice of heaven. #Dinnercam is a portable photo studio designed specifically for social media food shots. With the perfect white background and lighting options to rival the filters on Instagram, the miniature studio is perfect for bloggers and Insta-addicts to land their ideal photo. #Dinnercam is currently located in a restaurant in Capetown, South Africa but we wouldn’t be surprised if these portable studios begin popping up everywhere, with hashtags like #nofilter and #foodporn running rampant on Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media: Pinterest has installed a Guided Search feature which allows users to search through pins hand-picked by travelers, food experts and popular pinners, so if you are looking for a dinner recipe worthy of Martha Stewart’s praise, Guided Search will help you find it that much faster.

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Event Industry News: Coachella, Twitter changes and the Amazon smartphone

coachella Event Industry News: Coachella, Twitter changes and the Amazon smartphone Coachella thanks their fans for coming to weekend 1 of their festival.

Coachella Weekend 1: A staple of the entertainment industry and a true salute to the Southern California lifestyle, Coachella has long been the envied mecca of music lovers everywhere. The first weekend of Coachella welcomed a wave of A-list performers including Outkast, Lorde, Muse, Beck and Arcade Fire. Pharrell Williams delighted his audience by bringing out an all-start list of guest performers including Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. Our friends from RCS were there with their carnival rides and we are sure they had a spectacular view of all the performances!

Social media: Twitter plans to completelyrevamp their user profile layout and it doesn’t look half-bad. A large header image, larger profile photo space and customized tweet structuring (tweet pins, anyone?) make the change an ideal one for brands and consumers alike. The profile layout change is just one of many tweaks Twitter has in store for the future.

Tech: We reported rumors of an Amazon smartphone with a 3D display months ago, but now rumor is finally transforming into reality. The Wall Street Journal announced the mega-company’s plans to release a handset device in June 2014. Users will be able to view their screens in 3-D, without the use of glasses. Whether it will overshadow the iPhone and Galaxy users has yet to be seen.

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Event Industry News: Grand National Roadster Show, Super Bowl Munchies and Galaxy Glass

A very quick look at the Grand National Roadster Show

Grand National Roadster Show: Hundreds of cars and thousands of people visited Fairplex this weekend for the 65th Grand National Roadster Show. A number of hot rods, customs, motorcycles and other vehicles were displayed in our expo halls while sponsors and food and retail vendors set up shop along the avenues surrounding the buildings. Cars dating as far back as 1914 all the way up to the latest Ford models were featured throughout the campus and a number of lowriders were reigned in the Suede Palace. Travis Barker (Blink 182), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and other celebrity car enthusiasts came to check out the scene. Can’t wait for next year’s event!

The Grammys: The 2014 Grammy Awards Show was long. Really long. Duets and medleys were the name of the game this year, as dynamic musical numbers were performed by some of the industry’s greatest. Notable performances included Beyonce & Jay-Z, Sir Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams & Stevie Wonder, Robin Thicke & Chicago, Metallica & pianist Lang Lang and Sara Bareilles & Carole King. And of course, who could forget Pharrell and his hat?

Super Bowl Munchies: Despite the frigid temperatures, preparations continue at full speed for Super Bowl XLVIII. No Super Bowl party is complete without Pepsi, hot wings, pizza and a bag of Doritos and New York won’t be any different. Food sampling stations from brands like Cheetos, Doritos, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut will be open throughout Manhattan and on Super Bowl Boulevard throughout the week. Cupcakes laced with Mountain Dew and Doritos-flavored frosting, Cherry Pepsi BBQ wings and free pizza are just some of the samples being offered. It might be worth braving the cold for those flavors.

Technology: We have yet to see the mass public walking around with Google Glass attached to their faces (two words: beta mode) but the headset made enough of a splash to launch a rival product from Samsung: Galaxy Glass. Samsung claims the new product will allow users to connect to their smartphone, display call alerts and listen to music (Korea Times.) Nothing is officially confirmed but we could be looking at two types of groundbreaking headgear coming our way by the Fall.

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Event Industry News: Golden Globes, CES, social media trends

The new year is always an exciting one for the event industry. New technology, design trends, food and beverage items and more make the start of a new year an adventure in the making. This week’s event industry news post is just a preview of what is to come in 2014:

Golden Globes: As residents of Los Angeles, it’s impossible for us to forget it’s award season in Hollywood. The 71st annual Golden Globes kicked off the season last night in lively style, beginning with a sprinkler bursting on the red carpet and ending with multiple teleprompter blunders. Still, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler worked their comedic magic and enchanted their audiences across the world. The Academy Awards this certainly is not. Aside from the ceremony itself, the dining was a beautiful affair. The event, hosted at the Beverly Hilton, featured locally grown ingredients, Mediterranean spice crusted braised short rib, Atlantic sea trout and a delicious assortment of grilled vegetables as appetizers. The Golden Globes also introduced its’ first-ever champagne cocktail: Moët Golden Night.

 CES: Last year we wrote on how the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attendance numbers are declining, but it seems we were wrong. The Consumer Electronics Association claims that the 2014 CES was the largest show on record, covering a whopping two million square feet of event space with more than 3,000 exhibits on display. The convention welcomed film, television, music and YouTube celebrities alike. Featured trends included wearable gadgets (is it time for the world to fully embrace Google Glass?), drones, 3D printers and smart televisions, all pointing towards a seamless flow between lifestyle and technology. For full coverage of the event head over to Mashable.

Social Media: Social media channels continue to evolve. YouTube introduced 4K video viewing at this year’s CES, Twitter has allowed images and video to show up in news feeds, Snapchat continues to thrive despite their recent hack fiasco and Instagram and Vine stand as equal rivals. Messaging apps like Viber, Kik and Snapchat rose in popularity by 115% in 2013. As Facebook continues to decrease in popularity it will be important to take note of which channels are making their way to the top.

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Event Industry News: Instagram Direct, Chanel, Super Bowl parties and Santa stalking

Social media: The social media world was b u s y this weekend. Instagram debuted their newest feature, Instagram Direct. IG Direct is a hybrid combining the privacy of Snapchat and the filters, comments and longevity of Instagram. It’s a simple way to capture and share moments of your life with the people who matter most in lieu of the entire world of Instagram. Snapchat may offer the blessing of time-sensitive images–you can send a hideous selfie to your best friend and have it evaporate into the Snaposhere before she can save it for black mail–but Instagram Direct allows you to filter, edit and create a lasting image for your mom, dad, siblings and besties. Whether the new feature will be a hit or a failure remains to be seen. Meanwhile in Twitter land, the blocking feature was removed and then immediately brought back amid an uproar of protests from tweeters.

Chanel comes to Dallas: One of the beauties of our Fairplex campus is our venue versatility. We can host events of any shape or size. As home of the L.A. County Fair, we wanted to give a nod to the Texas State Fairgrounds for hosting Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art show this year. Talk about diverse use of event space! Guests were brought back to America’s roots upon entrance with a classic 50′s mock drive-in movie theater, vintage cars and concession stands among other elements. A few Texans were peeved by the lack of local representation (200 international journalists and celebrities does not a Texan make), but design king Karl Lagerfeld did a stunning job with the event as expected.

Super Bowl XLVIII: They may have cut back the tailgating for Super Bowl 2014 but the marketing campaigns are as bright and bold as ever. Time Warner plans to take over New York’s meatpacking district for a Super Bowl pop-up that will feature “high-profile music acts and surprise celebrity guests.” Fans can enjoy high-energy entertainment and get pumped for the upcoming game with fellow fans on the streets of New York.

Tracking Santa:Mashable released a list of their top four methods of tracking Santa as he makes his trek from the North Pole to the rest of the world. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has taken the reigns when it comes to stalking Santa around the globe but Google has created its own devices for finding the man in red.

Event Industry News: Walking in a Winter Wonderlab

Google’s Winter Wonderlab

Google creates Winter Wonderlabs: Leave it to Google to create a high-tech holiday marketing experience. Why go to the Apple store to shop when Google has “stores” that involves virtual snowfall and igloos. Google has selected malls across the nation for their seasonal Winter Wonderlabs. Shoppers can browse the latest Google/Windows products, step into a giant snowglobe to make slow-motion videos, play around in virtual snow and take a break from the typical holiday shopping mayhem. Not bad Google. And by not bad, we mean it’s pretty awesome.

Social media: Twitter has created custom timelines. You can pick and choose which tweets you want featured on any given topic and add them to a personalized timeline. What that means, is companies can pick and choose which tweets they want featured regarding their company and integrate that specific feed onto their blog, website and Twitter itself. Customized timelines ensures that a specific audience is seeing exactly what the company wants them to see, whether that’s highlighting an event, a new product or company news.

Keeping it local: Fairplex has begun decorating for the holiday season. The creative team is preparing to transform our campus into a festive oasis of Christmas trees, sparkling ornaments and brightly-wrapped boxes of goodies. The Graffiti Run 5k and Wonder of Dinosaurs also arrives at Fairplex this weekend, making it a b u s y week on our grounds.

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Event Industry News: Inaugural Bizbash Event Style and YouTube Music Awards, and Google’s virtual field trips

dollhouse 300x200 Event Industry News: Inaugural Bizbash Event Style and YouTube Music Awards, and Googles virtual field trips BizBash Event Style Awards: BizBash held their first annual National Event Style Awards, celebrating the most creative and beautiful examples of event theme and decor. Winners were announced at the BizBash IdeaFest last Wednesday in New York. There were winners for every category under the event industry sun, like Best Conference (a gorgeous display from Adobe Max), best public relations stunt (a life-sized dollhouse from Guerilla Marketing Campagin for Target) and Best Trade Show (Data Center Summit 2013.) Other categories included best wedding venue, best entertainment event and best lighting design. Just a brief flick through the album of winners brings inspiration to the brain. You can view all the winners here.

Photo taken from BizBash

First ever YouTube Awards Show: Also in New York, YouTube launched its inaugural self-produced Music Awards Show yesterday. The verdict: messy. The event was meant to be webcast to millions of viewers around the world; attendance capped at a little more than 200,000 at its peak.

Popular artists like Eminem, Lady Gaga and Avicii gave stellar performances but the real entertainment of the night was watching “spontaneous” not-so-great moments happen, like hosts having to dig into a giant cake to reveal the winners and being handed two babies while chatting with Macklemore.

The event was deemed unorganized and just a tad unprofessional by many but you have to give them a break: it was only the first (and probably not the last) music awards show from YouTube. After all, if you demand fresh and organic, sometimes things go a little awry…

Social/tech: Today Google+ launches its Connected Classes program. Using Google+ hangouts as a platform, teachers can take their students on virtual field trips to a number of educational locations around the nation. Today’s field trips include a dive into the Seattle Aquarium’s underwater exhibits and a visit at the Minnesota Zoo with the Black Bear.

For those of us who live in Los Angeles or other large cities, it’s hard to imagine choosing a virtual tour when the Museum of Natural History, Aquarium of the Pacific and Discover Science Center are mere minutes away, but for those who aren’t afforded these facilities or for schools who suffer budget cuts, this is a fantastic alternative to a textbook. Students can hear from subject experts while on a virtual live tour of museums, zoos, aquariums, planetariums and any other number of educational destinations.

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Event Industry News: Content marketing for events, Twitter updates and Apple announcements

untitled Event Industry News: Content marketing for events, Twitter updates and Apple announcements


Content marketing for events: Content marketing is more than just a buzz term. It’s an effective way to engage your audience and a great way to tell your brand’s story. Content marketing’s primary purpose is to build brand loyalty and recognition. Event planners can utilize content marketing strategies to create excitement before, during and after an event. How do you get started?

BizBash highlighted content creation company PulsePoint as a great resource. PulsePoint creates websites specific to the event (they call them EventHubs.) These sites emphasize content like interviews with speakers, photos and videos of the event and stories on event-related trends. Your site can feature real-time updates during the event, post photo and video galleries and round out content with stories from similar events or with industry news updates. Whether you use PulsePoint EventHubs or not, content marketing for your event in myriad ways: your website, your blog, your social media channels…

For example: A music festival wants to generate brand recognition/loyalty through content marketing. Creating an EventHub and/or designing your own website would enable you to tell your story in full (before, during and after.) Your audience can watch interviews with featured artists (before), view photos and videos of live performances (during) and read about event highlights (after.) There isn’t a particularly hard selling point on your site. Instead, there is a story being  told. Potential attendees are seeing what your festival has to offer, and why your event matters to them. You are showing them the value of your event and inviting them to get excited about it.

Social media: Twitter is upping their game in multiple ways: direct messages are allowed from all followers (optional), and marketers who use Twitter’s ad products can now schedule tweets in advance. Both features make users more accessible by marketing and advertising campaigns. While it’s a helpful feature for brands, consumers may think differently if they start getting DMs from strangers and start seeing a pattern of advertising in their feed.

Tech: It’s Apple vs. Everyone Else this week as buzz continues to build over the new Nokia Lumia 1520 (leaked information promises a six-inch screen) and the debut of Microsoft’s Surface tablets. Meanwhile, Apple is planning to reveal its latest wave of tech gadgets tomorrow (Oct. 22) Rumors are swirling that an iPad mini and the new Mac Pro will be part of the lineup but at this point it’s anyone’s guess.

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Event Industry News: Venues need variety, Apple builds a spaceship and Russia creates Sputnik

Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center Event Industry News: Venues need variety, Apple builds a spaceship and Russia creates Sputnik Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center

Variety is the spice of venue life: Venues are focusing on more than just size and practicality. They are also honing their visually unique qualities. BizBash released an article commenting on how conference planners are looking for ways to break out of the mundane in venue choice. Rather than hosting business meetings in a large but boring conference room, they are looking for venues that bring novelty: an outdoor plaza, a theater, an expansive garden.

The Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center, for example, is situated on 487-acres of variety that include an urban farm, art gallery, numerous expo halls and gardens.Our property plays to many events including food truck festivals, extreme sports competitions and expos and of course, the L.A. County Fair. Variety is one of our strongest assets and we have seen conference planners and vendors respond to that.

Conference planners provide content. It’s up to the venue to anticipate client needs and create the right atmosphere for current and future events.

Apple spaceship: Apple recently released its first 3D model of its proposed new headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The model resembles a spaceship with its futuristic, circular design. Features include underground parking and a solar-paneled roof on the 175-acre property. The plan will be approved (or denied) by a final vote from the Cupertino City Council this Tuesday, according to an exclusive story by the San Jose Mercury News.

Technology: Russian telecom service Rostelecom is developing a new search engine: Sputnik. The state-controlled company has built an engine that is supposed to rival the likes of Google. The current search engine giant, Yandex, would be a stiff competitor for Sputnik but with the death of its co-founder, the company’s future is unknown. Yandex currently generates 62% of search traffic but with Sputnik launching in early 2014, that number may change.

Event Industry News: 3-D tattoos, a giant smartphone and veggie cocktail trends


Augmented reality tattoos: While some tattoos are intricate, detailed and captivating, they are motionless. 2-D. Except for when you put a screen in front of them. Alison Bennett’s “Shifting Skin” exhibit displayed photos of tattoos and used several layers of augmented reality to transform body art into a 3-D experience.

Gallery guests only need to hold up a tablet in front of a photo and the tattoo would stretch and morph into a 3-D object. Bennett used a program called Aurasma to achieve this effect. Aurasma will be incorporated into an element of the L.A. County Fair as well (sans tattoos.) Mashable posted a video showing how the exhibit works.

Samsung’s giant phone: “Handheld device” is a bit of a stretch when it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy Mega phone. It is exactly what it sounds like: The latest version of the Samsung Galaxy (rivaling, and in many ways excelling against the iPhone), is a 6.3-inch giant of the original.

The phone arrives in  U.S. stores on August 23 of this year. While the Galaxy S4 still trumps the Mega in terms of power and display quality, the Mega will be useful for those who don’t like smaller screens (and by default text, photos, video etc.) and for those who find the touch screen tedious to use.

Drink your veggies: HotelChatter listed the top cocktail trends of the month, the leader being vegetable-infused cocktails. Several hotel bars have created drinks with kale, celery, arugula, spinach, apples and the health list goes on.