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  1. Hi Alesia, We aren’t having weenie dog races this year, but believe me we are very sad to see them go. We will miss seeing those cuties!

  2. I would like to know if you guys are still hiring people to work during this up coming fair ? And if so where can i apply ?

  3. Are u having bingo on Wednesday ‘s like usual. If so what time does it start and where

  4. Hi, I know contest/choosing of couples is completed.I’m writing in hopes maybe for future weddings you might consider.My son(my baby) is amazing.He’s had his future planed,down to of kids& their bedroom furniture since was7& has worked to meet those goals. Including 3yrs in rotc, giving up his lunches to start program for freshman who wanted learn things not covered in class, being sent by school to summer academy, & more. Was being recruited by all branches, as his test scores each time took were in mid 90s.Even asked me to sign so he could leave right after graduation before 18th bday.Two wks before graduation I found out that my honor student( every yr since2nd grade) had 1 class might fail. He didn’t w/support from counselor, his 2friends,& a freshman that told I don’t know what’s wrong but if can help I’d be honored, I’m here, not running streets w/my brother, because of you.You spoke @my school & since then I vowed to work to be like you& not a stictic.Was picked for scholarship in name of counsolers father(he didn’t get)When I became aware of problem & met counsoler she cried& told me from day I met Dylan he was my choice& usually BTW 5-6kids I watch thru yr.However couldn’t justify w/this one classs/grade.After I spoke her she went to teacher& after explain what happened she gave him work missing from days absent,but didn’t think hed make two WK deadline as had month in a half of work.15mins before grades were turned it & 30+ essays(not to mention other stuff) he found out not only passed but w/B.My ex due to city lived in & only school w/navy ROTC(which adiment has to attend &for3yrs to enter at higher rack)was receiving notices,not telling me,and rather than ask assumed our was blowing off school(as did teacher who wouldn’t let make up work)Even on few occasions he was ordered( because when suggested wouldn’t)by his commander to go home due to looking extremely I’ll. See no one asked him, they assumed,& his response when questioned as to why didn’t let anyone know what was happening was..if their opinion & belief in me was so little they assumed a situation & put me, my mom, my sister down rather than ask me, then not only do I not want ppl in my life who have no faith in me, they don’t deserve to be apart of my life,& not wasting time to go to them.My heart hasn’t hurt so much, these were ppl should’ve not mattered to, that were suppose to love him unconditionly. Those days missed he was taking care of me.(& hiding pain he was in, his dentist said I’ve no idea how this kid is walking around& functioning, there’s so much infection he schouldnt be able to get out of bed)Dyl graduated & turned18 that summer, two yrs ago. That summer my Dr gave him the option…that I was 4days or less away from collapsing & coming in thru er, & at that point because of a surgery they couldn’t say what would happen.That once stomach shut down was nothing to do.That already had stared, that I needed iron infusions, to be woken up every 2hrs, couldn’t drive, stopped making red/white blood cells, etc & he wanted to admit me, however if promised to do exactly what Dr said & wanted to take me home he’d let him.His last summer being a kid my son never left my side for 2 1/2 months.sometimes spending 8-9 hrs day@ kaiser.He was sheltered& babied by myself& his sister.That day I watched my baby grow up really fast.He quickly learned to cook clean do laundry at times even had to carry me to restroom. I for first time was on disability & having issues w/them(&again now) so he also took part time job & sister came for summer break &went to work & didn’t go back to school(enrolling next semester) that yr & this yr are first I haven’t been able to buy even day presents for them. He is only, out of 4, my2& 2nieces) who bought his first car(as one dad saved for him, he used as down payment for step kids new car)& truthfully of the 4he deserved more, the girls are brats. Last yr he started dating(w/a lot of conterversity, snide comments,animosity, &anger) a girl who’s always had key to our home when needed due to home situation)& happened to be sisters best friend.Two weeks ago they came to me & announced their engagement & how scared they were of the family Dinamics, but were going to walk thru it & asked for my blessing.(ppl on both sides have prejudice issues& few other)& knew I loved them both, but needed hear had my blessing& would be OK, that they could walk thru anything &are, but wanted know my feeling because as long as I was OK w/it no ones opinion mattered(except sister who’s been mean/nasty) They are getting married at court/hall justice first WK Oct. And said planning small wedding Oct next yr. I’ve worked for CTY 15+ yes & am on medical leave having surgeries w/not even enough to help w/a cake. No one else is going to, so they are saving &paying for their weddings next yr which is why not having this yr. She’s getting back in school & he’s finally admitted still wants go navy & both started training & eating right again so he can leave right after wedding next yr. Now that physically can see I’m stronger & was informed needed to get back to his life & I promise to be very healthy for many yrs &to be a grandma(no not pregnant). Watching them my heart hurts. And cry myself to sleep. If I wasnt on medical leave I’d be able to pay for almost whole wedding, & its killing me that I can’t do anything. And I’m resentful as many family on both sides have more then resourses to help them without any impact to them & aren’t. I’m obviously biaist as is my son, but anyone talked to would tell you he is amazing in every way & never ceases to amaze everyone. His time money even his shirt he’s always first to give to anyone needs. & her I knew thered be issues, but emotionally mentally I knew few others would ever understand & he able to give & be there way they have always needed. They are two of the most accepting, forgiving,’& unconditionally loving ppl I’ve met! Guess hoping if know anyone contest, help, or direction might consider them. Theres no one I would hope & try anything to give a fairytale wedding to! (Not even my other kids) these never ask for anything when everyone else has their hand out & they have less then the others! Thank you for taking time to read. Sincerely, kelly

  5. Thank you for sharing your story! If we do another Fair-y Tale Wedding contest, we hope you will enter.

  6. Are there no horse racing events scheduled for this years fair. That has always been a highlight for us.

  7. Hi Bob,
    This year we do not have horse racing although they have been moved to Los Alamitos.

  8. Are you guys having a law enforcement and/or military discount day? Last year my husband, my in-laws and myself got in for $1. We’d love to visit again

  9. Yes we are! Our Weekend For Heroes is Sept. 13 – 14. All military, veterans and law enforcement receive $2 admission to the Fair on those days. All proceeds from that weekend will go towards the Wounded Heroes of America foundation :) All details are available here: http://lacountyfair.com/visit/special-offers. Thank you for asking!

  10. Leave a comment on our Date Night Giveaway blog telling us about your ideal date at the Fair :)

  11. What happened to the International Draft, Mule and Pleasure driving show? What happened to the 4H Horse show? Will you be bringing any of the equine competitions back to the fair? Will you be making a new arena for this?

  12. We will be traveling with our small dog from AZ, to visit the Pomona Fair. Is there a dog care facility that we may board our dog for the day while we attend the fair?

  13. Hi Diane!

    Thank you so much for your question. If you will be traveling, we recommend that you stay at our lovely Sheraton Fairplex Hotel. The facility is pet-friendly and is on our grounds! Learn more about the property here: http://www.sheratonfairplex.com/

  14. You get free admission with a concert.
    A limited number of free assigned concert seats will be available the day of each concert, beginning at 3 p.m., at the ticket kiosk on Rose Lane.

  15. Hi Anthony, Yes you can! Please visit LACF.com for size limitations :) Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Last year there was a book drive and can good drive and you got in free .when are the dates for that this year ?

  17. Hi America! You can buy our season passes online — just go to lacf.com and click the “Buy Tickets” link and you’re all set!

  18. I visited the LA County Fair this year as I’ve done for the last 30 years and I was very disappointed in the gauging of food prices, water and various changes of displays especially, the Garden area where they always had the backyard ideas including the pools, landscapes etc.
    To make matters worse, that particular area charged an additional fee for a different showing. Why?
    Whomever made that call wasn’t thinking that the general public looks forward to getting ideas seeing those wonderful displays of what one can do with their yards. Personally, eliminating that display with another and then charging an additional fee was a total bust. I didn’t bother to view the changes since it was of no interest to me since I always enjoyed the themes this Garden would display and then looked forward to seeing the pools, gardens and BBQ ideas.
    I feel saddened by the gauging of food prices as well. Vendors selling even water were extremely over priced. Why? Have we entered a time in our lives that even children
    who are from families of limited income caused to be deprived of seeing a County Fair.

  19. Hi Isabel, Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate it! We introduced Luminasia last year, as we are always looking to introduce new, innovative programming to our guests. However, we understand that many of our loyal fans have specific exhibits they look forward to seeing each year. We will take your comments back to our team as we begin preparations for 2016. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience!

  20. I have a special breed of cows that are on the National Conservation’s list of endangered animals. They are American Milking Devons. I was wondering if you allow special breeds of animals to be showcased at the fair. Would like to get them more well known here in CA.

  21. Please visit our Competitions page at lacountyfair.com for info on all our competitive events. Thanks!

  22. Hi. I represent a popular tribute band and I was wondering who I should contact regarding booking them to play the LA County Fair? Thanks!

  23. Hi Angela,
    All of our entertainment is booked for this year, but we’re always looking for talent! Please feel free to send us your tribute band’s info at entertainment@fairplex.com and we will keep your contact info for future events. Thanks!

  24. Yes we are! You can pick one up at our Administration building. Enter through Gate 1 and park in Visitor Parking :)

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