Explore America’s Great Outdoors at the LA County Fair!

Explore America’s Great Outdoors at the LA County Fair!

February 18, 2022

You arrive at the LA County Fair and begin to stroll through the Fun Zone area, when suddenly, you notice Smokey Bear keeping watch over a woodsy area. There’s only one place you could be, right? You guessed it – it’s America’s Great Outdoors.

America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) at the LA County Fair is the definition of an interactive outdoor adventure. This unique section of the Fair connects families with nature by offering guests the basics of exploring national parks. Smokey Bear, foresters and rangers teach fairgoers about protecting, respecting and connecting with nature and the animals in our national parks. 

AGO encompasses The Hill behind the Flower & Garden Pavilion from the main walkway to the western edge and fulfills a majority of natural outdoor experiences despite being located in an urban setting. This interactive exhibit provides environmental education that primarily focuses on connecting/reconnecting people to the outdoors, outdoor ethics and native California habitats and fire prevention. Formally known as “Caring for the Land,” America’s Great Outdoors has been a presence at the LA County Fair for more than 25 years, originally initiated by the Angeles National Forest, the Bureau of Land Management California Desert District, National Park Service, Los Angeles County Fire Department -Forestry Division and California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection. 

This year, the AGO exhibit is expanding to take over more of The Hill behind the Flower & Garden Pavilion. Nature walk education, a Tree Circus and more await at this year’s America’s Great Outdoors.

Let us know your favorite AGO experience below!

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