15 Seconds in Luminasia

One of our most beautiful exhibitions this year is Luminasia, a wonderland of handcrafted Chinese lanterns that light up the hillsides of the Fair with color in all shapes and sizes.

We’ll take you on a more detailed tour later this month, but for now, here is a fifteen-second walk-through of all that Luminasia has to offer:

The making of the exhibition is just as exciting as experiencing it yourself. Our LACF hosts took a visit last month and chatted with the creators of this magical experience:

To learn more about Luminasia, click here. We can’t wait for you to discover this and the rest of the Fair! Share all of your LACF adventures with us on social media using #discoverLACF. 

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Lost Children Services to the Rescue

When you were younger, did you ever get lost and thought you would never find your way back to your loved ones? I know I did, and I also know how scary this could be!

I’m bringing this up because as I wandered around the Fair today, I noticed a lost child being escorted by security. That is when I decided to meet the Lost Children (LC) staff and write a blog about their procedures and what to do if your child gets lost.

Monica Neill works with LC and said that although up to 50 children could get lost on any given weekend, children are usually found within 30 minutes. Nevertheless, she said parents and children should get in the habit of doing the following things.

1. Children should know their parent’s cellphone number by heart.

2. Parents and children should agree on a meeting place in case they are separated. If this is done, lots of time will be saved.

3. Parents should encourage children to ask for help (i.e. security, guests services or other LACF staff).

4. Parents should always know what the child is wearing because LC staff will ask them.

Since LACF is committed to the safety and well-being of all guests, LC staff must obey certain protocols.

First, you should know that all LC staff have a radio, and that they are in constant communication with each other. As soon as someone reports a lost child, someone in LC picks up the child and brings him or her to the center.

Once there, children are not only given a snack and a drink, but they are also encouraged to watch a movie, play games or draw pictures. The goal is to maintain the children as calm as possible before a parent or guardian presents a photo ID and completes the child release form.

You should also know that LC is the only air-conditioned facility on the grounds that has a changing table, a nursing area and baby products for sale. This place is not just for lost children, so please come in and meet our wonderful staff: Suzan, Monica, Cindy, Lucy, Christine, Bertie and Brian. They will be delighted to help you!

One final thought…if your child does get lost, please remain calm and seek help from a staff member. They will be more than happy to help you find your missing child!

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Red Carpet Arrival at LACF

New this year at LACF is our Red Carpet Arrival VIP package. If you’re not feeling the crowds or just want a private space to relax during your visit, check out this option:

With our Red Carpet Arrival package, you can arrange for valet parking, reserve a Sheraton Fairplex Hotel day suite, play in the pool and even have your shopping delivered to your room. We take “relaxation” pretty seriously around here.

For more information, visit lacf.com!

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Sunday Funday: Hanging out with Mojo and Friends

Since LACF will be hosting some of the most BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING animals in the world for a whole month, I thought it was time to pay a visit to our friends living in Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon…and boy, I’m happy I did!

As I walked around the lagoon, I noticed families laughing, taking pictures, petting the animals and most importantly, creating long-lasting memories.

I eventually ran into Karla and Will, our animal experts, who were very gracious and allowed me to take close-up photos of the interactions between animals and guests.

Because LACF is committed to education, petting the animals was accompanied by a short description about their habitat, diet and special features.

Before coming to Mojo’s Lagoon, I thought I knew a lot about snakes, camels, zebras, alligators and monkeys, but I was wrong! Here are a few things I learned about these incredible animals:

1. Snakes smell with their tongue, and some species, such as cobras and black mambas, use venom to hunt and kill their prey. Also, some sea snakes can breath partially through their skin, allowing for longer dives underwater. You have to be very careful when you pet a snake and ensure your hand moves towards the end of the tail. Going the other way is like lifting our nails…not a good thing!

2. Dromedary Camels have humps of fat on their back where they store energy for long trips across the desert. They could be found in the arid deserts of northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Since living in the desert is not an easy task (mainly because of the lack of water and sand storms), camels have adapted by having bushy eyebrows and special nostrils that keep the sand out.

3. Zebras are related to horses but have never been fully domesticated. They can be found in savannas, scrublands and hilly areas. Their most distinct features are the black coats with white stripes. And, did you know every zebra has a different stripe pattern?

4. Alligators like other reptiles are cold-blooded and can weigh over 1,000 pounds. American alligators usually reside in the swamps and freshwater rivers of southeastern states such as Florida and Louisiana.

5. Capuchin Monkeys are considered as the most intelligent New World monkeys because of their large brain size. Although their lifespan varies, Capuchin monkeys can live up to 20 years in the wild.  Lastly, I have to talk about my good Spider Monkey friend, Mojo. Mojo is three years old and is such a friendly monkey who loves playing and being around someone’s neck. Some people think Mojo is a male (because of the name), but Mojo is actually a female! Don’t worry about it…I was surprised as well!

With all of this information in mind, I hope you find some time during your visit to meet Mojo and her friends. A very special thank you to Karla and Will for being so flexible and for showing me around the lagoon!

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Flip Fest Monster Mayhem & Motocross Stunt Spectacular!

The Grandstand got L O U D last night with the monster truck roars, motocross vrooms, fireworks and the cheers of the crowd. Motocross dare devils did some amazing flips, twists and jumps to the “oohs” and “ahhs” of an enthusiastic crowd:

Stunt after adrenaline-pumping stunt, the fun keeps on going! 

Bikes weren’t the only vehicles flipping in the air last night… monster trucks got in on the action too. It’s called “Flip Fest” for a reason! Returning favorite Outlaw did some fearless flips and so did some of our new drivers, including the youngest monster truck stunt driver, Rosalee Ramer.

All in all, a very fun, very action-packed night.

See what else we have planned for our End of Summer Concert Series on our website!

P.S. We want to see your LACF experiences too! Share your moments with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #discoverLACF.


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Opening Day Re-cap

The 2014 Fair season has begun! We opened yesterday for a full day of animals, parades, food (deep-fried and healthy alike), superheroes, Chinese lanterns and carnival rides.

We kicked things off with an official ribbon cutting ceremony at the newly expanded Farm, with the help of three of our Pomona council members (and one very adorable lamb!)

The rest of the day was a blur of rides, shopping, shows, attractions and food for all our guests. Here’s what we saw on our own adventures:

We’ll be taking you all over the Fair this month so stay posted for giveaways, fun photos, videos and other content. We can’t wait!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more of our adventures and show us some of your own using #discoverLACF. 

For more information on the Los Angeles County Fair, please visit www.lacf.com. 

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Behind-the-Scenes of LACF!

Our LACF hosts went behind-the-scenes of the magic that makes the Fair come to life. Visitors will discover a world of new and exciting attractions thanks to the talents of LACF’s creative team.

Kathy Wadham, director of creative programming at LACF, took Arthur and Trent on a backstage tour of all the amazing new attractions we are handcrafting for the Fair.

Visit LACF and you will experience more than just deep-fried food and carnival rides. Engage your senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing in the all-new 5D Adventures or learn about superhero powers at the Hall of Heroes.

Dance the night away and immerse yourself in the fantasy world of the new steampunk-themed nightclub, Grinding Gears.

Join the excitement and share your new discoveries using #discoverLACF!

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Flower & Garden Pavilion: A Glimpse of China

Do you like the smell of flowers? Are you looking for a place to become one with nature? If so, the Flower & Garden Pavilion will give you all of this and so much more! All you have to do is stop by this magical place when you visit LACF.

The theme for the Flower & Garden Pavilion this year is A Glimpse of China, and it is so fitting as we are looking to expose our guests to new information about this culture in a new and interesting way.

If you have visited this facility in the past, then you know this is one of the most popular stops, and by far one of the most beautiful and aromatic areas at the Fair.

Rest assured that the drastic transformation from last year’s pavilion to this year’s pavilion will awe you. One thing you will notice right away is that this year’s colors are more vibrant than ever before.

After walking around the facility for a few minutes, I ran into our Floral Coordinator, Jim Hynd, who told me everything there is to know about the countless varieties of flowers and plants. Here are just a few things he shared with me:

1. Since this year’s theme is A Glimpse of China, guests can expect to see a very creative and colorful side of the Chinese culture. The plan is for guests to discover new things about this unique culture.

2. This is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac, so we are featuring the Tang Horse. As soon as guests walk into the facility, they will be greeted by two of these historical and majestic horses.

3. Artists from different backgrounds were recruited to create the beautiful murals, graphics and paintings that are spread across the building.

4. A beautiful collection of flowers and plants from a variety of environments will be featured. If you think coming one time is enough, think again. Jim said that the fresh cut flowers are changed every week. So, stopping by week after week is a must.

5. This is not only a great place to keep cool, but also a great place to take a picture in front of a beautiful waterfall.  Trust us, it’s a great place for children to explore and feed their curiosity.

Whether you have been to the Flower & Garden Pavilion in the past or not, you will love what you will see and smell. The breathtaking landscape of flowers, waterfall, and cultural exhibits will transport you to a magical place. So, in the spirit of flowers being love’s truest language, please join us in celebrating the Chinese culture.

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Our Top 7 Fair Hacks

Going to the Los Angeles County Fair can feel like something of a mission, especially when you take into account the kids, the crowds and the endless amount of activities to choose from. Here are our top “Fair hacks” to help you save time, save money and enjoy a great day at LACF:

Los Angeles County Fair Hacks

1. Use the online map: Our interactive LACF map is available on our website and lists all of our big attractions for the year. You can plan out what you want to do and see where everything is located before you even get to the Fair.

2. Buy tickets online: Skip the long lines when you purchase tickets online or through one of our partners. We have some amazing special offers this year including discounts on admission and ride wristbands.

3. Use MetrolinkDid you know Metrolink has a train stop that drops passengers off right at LACF? You can board the train and get dropped off at the Fairgrounds AND receive discounted Fair tickets when you purchase online. This year, Metrolink is extending operating hours until 12:20 a.m. on the weekends, just for the Fair! You can view full details on their website.

4. Arrive late: It might seem counter-intuitive to not be at the Fair right when the gates open, but it’s actually better to get here later in the day when it starts to cool down. Many of our new attractions are only open in the evenings (Luminasia, Zor, Grinding Gears nightclub) and you don’t want to wear the family down before LACF really comes to life!

5. Use shortcuts: Avoid the crowds and cut across the infield to get from the Farm to the carnival! New this year, you can avoid the crowds on Broadway and go directly from the carnival using our new Farm Road. You can shop, eat and say hello to the Budweiser Clydesdales too!

Sea Lion Splash 

6. Stay cool: It’s no secret that LACF can get pretty warm but we have plenty of ways to cool down. Spend some time shopping in our air-conditioned expo halls, watch the Sea Lions Splash show at Beneath the Sea, indulge in Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream and find one of our shaded areas to rest, refresh and people watch. You’ll be ready to hit the next show/ride/attraction in no time. (P.S. Did you know we have a Sparkletts water station that gives out free water? Find them near the Grandstand.)

7. Save money with the LACF season pass: 1.5 visits to the Fair and the season pass pays for itself! If you plan on attending the Fair more than once this season we highly recommend buying the season pass for unlimited access to the Fair during operating hours. Our season parking pass works the same way! There’s too much to discover in just one day.

BONUS: Stay at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and receive free admission for all registered adults, plus a delicious breakfast buffet and free self-parking! If you’re looking for a fun staycation or are visiting us from out of town, we highly recommend this option. Click here to view Sheraton Stay n Play packages.

We hope you have an enjoyable visit with us at the Fair. Only a few days until we open and we cannot wait!

What are some tricks you use to make your visit to the Fair more fun? Tell us in the comments below!  

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