Announcement: LA County Fair Season Passes Available!

la county fair season pass promo We’re very excited to announce that LA County Fair 2016 season passes are now available for purchase!

If you plan on coming to the Fair more than once, we highly recommend you use this as the best offer available.

For a limited time we are offering season passes for $20! Just enter promo code LACFigloo at checkout and you’re good to go.

See you in September!

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Fair Snapshot: Jurassic Planet Entrance

Construction is already starting on one of our largest 2016 exhibits: Jurassic Planet. We’re very happy to welcome back this fan favorite and look forward to experiencing it all come September!

Check back here later this year for additional updates (and giveaways!) for the 2016 LA County Fair. It’s going to be a fun season :)

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Infographic: FairKids Field Trips Program

The FairKids Field Trips program has been an important part of the LA County Fair since its inception 15 years ago. This free program allows us to introduce students to the educational components at the Fair.

Before we open our gates to the public, thousands of feet have already covered the grounds for the day, exploring all there is to learn at the Fair! Keep reading for a look into our FairKids Field Trips program:

LA County Fair Field Trips

There’s more to the Fair than carnival rides and deep-fried food (although we love those too!) Even as seasoned vets of the Fair, we learn something new every year and it’s a blast to see students experience this for themselves.

Visit to learn more about our free FairKids Field Trips offerings, including curriculum, sign-up procedures and more.

To learn more about the LA County Fair, visit

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Take a field trip to the World’s Largest Classroom!

It’s that time of year again! We’re taking signups for our FairKids Field Trip program. This free program is perfect for teachers looking for affordable educational outings for their students. Learn more here.

FairKids Field Trips La County Fair

More than 140,000 students and teachers visit the Fair each year through the FairKids Field Trip program! 

While some might think we’re just a bunch of carnival rides and deep-fried food, there is a treasure trove of learning opportunities in every corner of the LA County Fair!

From the agriculture and California heritage activities on The Farm to the science and history lessons (disguised as fun, of course) at our many exhibitions, there is something for children of all ages, from preschool to high school.

We can’t wait to welcome all our guests to the Fair this year, and we especially can’t wait to welcome the students in our community.

Here’s to the 2016 LA County Fair!

For more information on our FairKids Field Trip program, click here.


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Visiting Mojo

We stopped by Mojo (our beloved Capuchin monkey)’s year-round home this week to say hi to her and her trainer Karla. We were also able to visit with some of our animal friends from the Lagoon and the Big Red Barn. Check it out!

We can’t wait to welcome all our old friends back to the Fair in September. It’s coming up fast…

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2016 LACF Competition Sign-ups are Here!

We’re already deep in the throes of planning for the 2016 Fair and we’re ready for you to join us! Visit the LACF website to sign up for our annual culinary, DIY and America’s Kids competitions.

los angeles county fair

Our community entries are a big part of what makes the LA County Fair so fun. Every year we look forward to seeing the cakes, pies, cookies, quilts, clothes, drawings, tablescapings and everything else that our wonderful fans create. See you in September!

Click here for competition forms and additional info.

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LACF Community Partnerships: American Red Cross

Community partnerships are a staple of the LA County Fair. Today we had the honor of handing over an $8,065 check to the American Red Cross San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter.

la county fair american red cross partnership

Each year the Fair hosts Week for Heroes, where a portion of all law enforcement and military personnel ticket admissions goes towards a local charity. This year we chose the American Red Cross and we are glad to have them as community partners. 

Thank you to all of our guests who contributed towards making this donation possible!


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LACF Achievement Awards Are In!

We want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the Western Fairs Association for the ten achievement awards we received for our 2015 Fair! \

As you all know, we had a blast at this year’s Fair and it’s awesome to see our teams’ hard work and dedication be recognized.

We were especially excited to receive 1st place in the New Featured Event Exhibit or Program category for our Popnology exhibit. (If you followed along with us on the blog you know how excited we were to have this exhibition at the Fair!)  

Thank you all for your continued support! We can’t wait to celebrate another year at the LA County Fair in September :)

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LACF 2016 Preview: It’s baa-aack

2016 is just around the corner and plans for next year’s Fair are here! We wanted to share a little sneak preview of one of our attractions: Jurassic Planet. Yep, the fan favorite is back in town! If you’re a dinosaur fan like we are, you’ll love everything we are bringing to the Fairgrounds but for now, here is a quick look: 

Each exhibit starts as a sketch, then transforms into the life-size attraction one step at a time. It can take up to 3 months to build our larger exhibits.

What kind of dinosaur wonders are behind those gates? You’ll have to wait and see!

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