Thank You, John Svenson

April 12, 2016

Upland sculptor John Svenson passed away this month, but his legacy lives on at Fairplex.

Svenson was actually part of our Fair staff for 26 years as an art consultant, and is the creator of “Ranchero,” the large wood figure standing guard outside the art center since 1953. 

Svenson also collaborated with artist Albert Stewart on the creation of “Bull Wall,” the brick relief sculpture featured in the Millard Sheets outdoor patio, still enjoyed by guests every year.

We would like to thank John Svenson for his influence in the art and design of Fairplex, not only at the Millard Sheets Art Center, but throughout our campus. L.A. is lucky to have had such talent as his!



  1. Thank you for your kind words. John was very passionate about creating an artful and educational environment for all who visited the fair. The L.A. County fair was a big part of his life. His last wishes were to preserve the “Ranchero” sculpture.
    Yours, David Svenson

    • Hi David, Thank you for your comment! We still feel the influence of John in our art education today, both at the LA County Fair and our year-round programs — he has been a wonderful part of Fairplex history. “Ranchero” still stands strong 🙂

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