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This Weekend at Fairplex

June 19, 2014

There’s something for everyone at Fairplex this weekend! Whether you’re a music lover, a wine connoisseur or enjoy the great outdoors, there’s something for you. Check out what’s happening this weekend at Fairplex: The crowd rocks out at Vans Warped Tour at Fairplex 20th Anniversary Vans Warped Tour: Fairplex is the next stop in the summer-long…

L.A. Weekender: Happy Summer Solstice!

June 21, 2013

We have a lot going on at Fairplex right now. In just a few hours, Vans Warped Tour will be kicking off their second day of concerts. It’s just the beginning of a weekend long celebration of the longest day of the year! We hope you’re ready to celebrate because there is too much happening…

Brace Yourselves. Summer is Coming.

June 6, 2013

memegenerator.net All Game of Thrones memes aside, our warmest season is upon us. School books are shut, windows are open and summer is well on its way. (Some would argue its already here, but according to science, the official start of summer is June 21. So.) It doesn’t quite feel like summer to us until…