L.A. Weekender: Halloween is coming

October 24, 2013

Image courtsey of Evgeni Dinev from There are only a few days left until Halloween! We hope you’ve chosen your costumes and are as excited as we are about the influx of candy and parties that are coming our way. This weekend and next will be fully loaded with Halloween-themed events and we’ve circled…

L.A. Weekender: Brews, boos and a pumpkin festival

October 18, 2013

Photo courtesy of Arvind Balaraman from Oktoberfest/Dodger game: We can’t speak for everyone, but when the clock hits 6 p.m. on Friday our first instincts are to find beer, food and fun in that order. Oktoberfest is the answer to our prayers (and it’s only a few steps away from the office!) We spent the…