August 23, 2016

In just 10 days the 2016 LA County Fair opens! That means deep-fried dinners and afternoon treats almost every day in September for us. Take a look at just a few of our newest Fair foods:
Deep-Fried Nachos
la county fair food They’re gooey. They’re crunchy. They’re delicious. We tried them the other day and plan on having them at least a couple times during Fair season.
la county fair food
This is one of our top dessert picks this year. Creamy, cold gelato paired with a shot of espresso means a sugar AND caffeine high. We sampled it when we visited the San Diego fair earlier this year.
Deep-Fried Hot Sauce
Every year Chicken Charlie creates a new deep-fried food, just for the LA County Fair. This year it’s Deep-Fried Hot Sauce. He gave us a sample to try and all we have to say is, YUM. This is definitely a must-try. 
Of course, we’re not all batter, cheese and sugar. We’re also serving up harvest bowls, salads, and vegan nachos, tacos and burritos, along with a number of other healthy options, if that’s what you prefer!
We want you to try all these food for yourself, which is why we’re hosting a Fair Food Giveaway!

Fair Food Giveaway

                                                         Four Fair tickets 
                                                            Food bucks 
                                                     Dare To Fair swag bag

Enter to win by leaving a comment below, telling us which new Fair food you want to try the most! Winner announced here on Friday, August 26. Good luck!
We have our winner! Congratulations to Honey for being selected as the winner of this blog giveaway. Honey is looking forward to trying the affogatos AND the deep-fried nachos. That’s the Dare To Fair spirit!
Thank you to everyone who played. More giveaways coming very soon!



  1. OMG THOSE NACHOS LOOK AMAZING!!! I’ve been coming to the fair EVERY YEAR and I’ve tried almost every fried food. The nachos I have NOT tried so that one I’m for sure wanting to try the most!!!!!!
    Also super excited for the deep fried hot sauce!!

  2. I love seeing all the new items, they all sound delicious! But, I can’t wait to try the deep fried nachos! My mouth is already watering. Props to whoever comes up with these amazing items! #DareToFair

  3. I want to try the deep fried nachos with deep fried hot sauce!

  4. The deep fried hot sauce sounds like a plan or the chicken n waffles for breakfast when we get there opening morning

  5. The affogato! Anything involving coffee and gelato is tops on my list!

  6. No way can you expect me to choose between all these yummy creations?! I want to try them all! Batter up to deep fried goodness and #DareToFair

  7. No way can I choose between all these yummy creations?! I want to try them all! Batter up to deep fried goodness and #DareToFair

  8. Love the Fair and ready to eat some hot chili sauce. Whoooooo !!!!

  9. Looking forward to trying the affogatos and deep-fried nachos mmmm

    • Hi Honey, Congratulations on winning! Our social media team will be contacting you via email to let you know how to collect your prize. Thank you and congratulations again!

  10. I would love to try the deep-fried nachos. Looks like cheesy heaven! I also saw the Facebook video about the new chicken and waffles on a stick. They looks amazing!!
    : )

  11. Cant wait for deep fried nachos!!!!!

  12. Can’t wait to try deep fried nachos

  13. I want to try the deep fried hot sauce!

  14. I would so LOVE to try the Affogatos! 2 of my favorite things in 1 🙂

  15. Fried nachos!

  16. I really want to try the deep fried nachos

  17. The deep fried hot sauce sounds yummy!!!! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  18. I would love to try the deep-fried hot sauce love spicy foods and it would be a challenge No doubt the photo of it looks delicious can’t wait 10 more days to go see you soon LA County Fair and Chicken Charlie’s

  19. Affogatos is a must, and Chicken Charlies never disappoints. Ten more days!

  20. I want to try all the awesome vegan options they are going to have this year!

  21. I would love to try the deep fried nachos… I can’t wait to go…..

  22. I want to try the deep fried nachos yummy!!! Forget the diet!!!

  23. The afrogato sounds really good!

  24. Mmmmm…mmm! Affogatos, please!

  25. I want to try the chicken fingers that’s made into the waffles from Chicken Charlie! And also deep fried oreos.

  26. I want to try the deep fried nachos.

  27. Deep fried hot sauce! Yum!

  28. Affogatos are going to be awesome, that’s what I’ll be having at the fair!!!!

  29. I want to try the deep fried nachos and the affagato!

  30. I want to try the Deep Fried Hot Sauce. That’s new and different.

  31. Deep Fried Hotsauce for sure!

  32. I have to try the Affogato! Something sweet and keeps you alert is the perfect combination. Super excited to try this!

  33. I would love to try the affogato! It sounds amazing and I love coffee and ice cream.

  34. Affogatos for sure, but I think I’ll be sampling all 3. Can’t wait!!!

  35. I want to try them all. I’ve missed last couple years but I’m ready to do this. But the one that gets my attention is the deep fried nachos. And the Krispy cream cheese burger. Can’t wait I’m hungry

  36. I would try the deep fried nachos!

  37. If I win the tickets maybe my boyfriend will take me. Crossing fingers!

  38. Deep Fried Nachos

  39. Deep fried nachos

  40. The deep fried hot sauce is a must for me this year! so far i haven’t had trouble eating spicy food maybe this one will give me a kick! And the deep fried nachos are also a must! I love nachos as they are and now deep fried!

  41. The deep fried nachos would be heaven. Yummy!!

  42. Deep fried nachos

  43. Deep fried nachos paired with an affogato for me.

  44. Definitely the Affogatos. It’s like a perfect Italian dessert!!

  45. I would love to try the Deep Fried Nachos!
    And dare my brother to try the Deep-Fried Hot Sauce.

  46. this will be my first time going to the fair so all this food sound amazing!!!

  47. Definitely the deep fried nachos!!

  48. the Nachos!

  49. Deeeeep Friiiiiied Nachoooooos!!!!!!

  50. Deeeeep Friiiiiied Nachoooooos!!!!!!

  51. Definitely excited to try the deep fried nachos and possibly something from the heathy side of the menu at chicken Charlie’s!

  52. Those deep fried nachos look amazing!! I also want to try the chicken in waffles from chicken Charlie’s!!

  53. Deep fried nachos sound pretty delicious

  54. Iced coffee fanatic, the afflogato is the one I want to try.

  55. I want to try the affogatos. It looks so refreshing and its sweet too.

  56. I want to try the deep-fried hot sauce, makes my mouth water lol

  57. I want to be brave and try the deep fried nachos, but the Espresso & Gelato is calling to me. Oh the food to be tried at the #DareToFair is going to ruin my diet and those of my family!!! At least there’s so much to see and do to walk it off 🙂

  58. I haven’t been to the Fair in about 30 years. Now that I’m back in the area, I am looking forward to enjoying some of this good food stuff!

  59. Omg, the deep fried nachos…

  60. I would try the deep fried nachos but I haven’t been able to go for 7 years so I already bought our season passes and parking

  61. Affogatos and Nachos all the way!

  62. Affogatos is the one for me!

  63. Definitely the deep fried nachos

  64. I would love try the deep fried nachos and the affogatos.

  65. Definitely the deep-fried hot sauce! That sounds amazing! However, if I could I would try them all!

  66. Deep fried hot sauce!!

  67. I definitely want to try the Deep Fried Nachos!

  68. I cant wait to try the chicken and waffles on a stick! And now the deep fried nachos too. They could be a game changer.

  69. Can’t wait to try the Chicken ‘n Waffles and the deep fried hot sauce!

  70. That affogato sounds perfect for a hot Pomona afternoon!

  71. I can’t wait to get my hands on the spicy deep fried salsa!

  72. Deep fried everything !!especially a funnel cake !!

  73. I NEED to try the Deep Fried Nachos. OMG! Nachos are one of my favorite foods. We didn’t get to go last year and we’ve been talking about going for a whole year now!!! Now an even better reason to get ourselves out of the desert and come on down to Pomona.

  74. The Affogato sounds like the perfect treat to cool me down on a hot day at the fair.

  75. Deep Fried Nachos!!

  76. Deep fried Nachos!! They look delish!!

  77. I would to try the deep fried nachos!.. they look delicious

  78. The deep fried nachos. They look really good

  79. Affogatos

  80. Omg I would loooove to try the deep fried nachos. We are a nacho loving family.. This is perfect for us!

  81. I would try the Affogatos since I like sweets!

  82. I definitely wanna try the deep fried nachos!

  83. They all sound sooo yummy but the deep fried nachoes look sooo good

  84. I would love to try the Deep Fried Hot Sauce, poured over the Deep-Fried Nachos.

  85. I want to try the Deep-Fried Nachos. Can never go wrong with chips and chees. SO YUMMY!!!!

  86. I would love to try deep fried nachos!!!!

  87. Deep fried nachos for sure!

  88. The affogatto is going to fuel my run through the fair.

  89. Affogato! Yum!!

  90. Definitely will try the Affogatos and deep-fried hot sauce! Looks great!

  91. I am excited to try the affogato. Though the nachos look really good too.

  92. Vegan nachos sound amazing!!! I can’t have dairy so it’s awesome that there is some fair food I can actually have.

  93. I want to try the affogatos!

  94. I can’t wait to try the gelato with espresso. We normally arrive at the fair when it opens and will stay until 9:00pk but my kids always want to stay until it closes. That will be the perfect re-charge I need to keep me going along with the foot massage chairs. My kids will be very happy.

  95. I plan on trying every single thing at the fair and gaining at LEAST 30 lbs!

  96. After eating the deep fried hot sauce, the Affogatos would be perfect!

  97. Hell yes to the deep fried nachos! Must have!

  98. The deep fried nachos sound delicious

  99. The affogatos sound amazing. That caffeine and sugar would keep me buzzing around the fair!

  100. I love nacho’s so I’d love to try the deep fried ones but the affogatos sounds great too!

  101. Affogatos look amazing and I’ll definitely eating at this year. But it also went to try the waffles and chicken all combined all in one all I have to say is Yum! And please pick me! Please

  102. Definitely want those deep fried nachos!!!

  103. I’m a girl who likes it spicey so I’ll definitely be trying Chicken Charlie’s Deep Fried Hot Sauce!

  104. I would try the Affogatos just when I enter just to boost my energy for the whole day.

  105. Affogatos look amazing! I can’t wait to try one! Yummy!

  106. Not mentioned here, but Chicken Charlie has that waffle chicken thing. Looks intense!

  107. Must have the deep fried nachos!!!!!!

  108. Can’t wait to try the deep fried hot sauce

  109. The affogatos for sure

  110. The affogatos for sure!

  111. Coming all the way from Australia so I think I am going to eat all day but will start with the deep fried nachos for sure.

  112. Deep fried hot sauce! OMG I have to try that.

  113. The Affogato look so good! But who am I kidding? I’m going to try it all! Lol

  114. The deep fried nachos sound amazing and the gelato!!

  115. That Affogato looks so amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

  116. Deep fried nachos look amazing.

  117. affrogatos. Sounds interesting….

  118. Definitely the deep fried nachos since I don’t like coffee or hot sauce! And they do look great!

  119. I’m obsessed with hot sauce! I’ve got to try the Deep Fried Hot Sauce!

  120. I am a huge fan of hot sauce . it is a muat that I try the deep fried hot sauce. Can’t wait.

  121. For sure the deep fried hot sauce!

  122. I’m excited to try them all but the affogatos looks mighty delicious! Thanks for the chance

  123. Can’t wait to try the. Affrogato

  124. The deep fried nachos look yummy!

  125. I’ll try the deep fried beer. Who’s got it?

  126. Will definitely have to try the deep fried nachos followed by the affrogatos to get both the hot spicy and sweet craving out of the way along with the caffeine to carry me thru the night to eat more!! Cant wait for the fair!!

  127. Sugar addict here! I want to try the Affogatos. It’s different!

  128. Try it, try it! I think the Affogatos would be yummy to try.

  129. I’m really excited to try that deep fried hot sauce. Anything Chicken Charlie creates is a hit!!!

  130. I would love to win and go with my family to try the deep fried nachos..they look so good !!!


  132. My favorite thing about the fair is the food so any new food items added I’ll try. But the one I’m looking forward to this year is the deep fried Nachos

  133. Deep fried nachos!

  134. Hi… I am super excited to take my new future daughter in law the the LA County Fair. This is her first pregnancy and her first time ever at our local LA County Fair. She is gonna be amazed, a farm animal cattle raiser herself, she will just love all of the farm animals we have at our LA County Fair. She is pregnant and I can’t wait to take her to try all the yummy Food we offer at our LA County Fair. This is my 3rd grandson and the other two were also brought here while they were in mommy’s tummy. This is my traditional event. So excited. Can’t wait.

  135. I think I’ll take some Deep-Fried Nachos, with a side of Deep-Fried Hot Sauce and some Affogatos to cool off the heat and wash it all dowwwwwn. If that is not #DareToFair then I don’t know what is, emphasis on the DARE >:)

  136. Deep-Fried Nachos….. sweet. jesus. my good sir or mam, if you love me you will alllow me win this. its not that i want to win, its that i NEED to win. this isn’t a game, i need this food in my life. show this man some love.

  137. Affogatos for me too! Need the caffeine and sugar, to keep walking all day long, throughout all the fair exhibits!!!!

  138. Willing to try all of them. But really want to try the Affogato!

  139. I must try the deep fried nachos. Yum!

  140. Those deep fried nachos ! Sounds weird but I’m willing to try them

  141. Deep fried hot sauce.

  142. Turkey legs are awesome!!! Corn on the cob!!!

  143. I am so excited to try the Affogatos! I need that extra energy shot to keep up with the kids!

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