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Fair Food Friday: The Final Round-Up

September 25, 2015

We hit you Opening Weekend with a deep-fried extravaganza (which we’re still recovering from, by the way). On Week Two, we went gourmet with a meal at Maria’s Italian Kitchen and visit to Terri’s Berries. And last Friday, we dove into a full on sugar coma when we sampled anything and everything sweet at LACF. Now…

A Deep-Fried State of Mind

January 28, 2015

Will the next deep-fried food trend please stand up? Being die-hard fans of the LA County Fair, we are quite familiar with all things deep-fried, bacon-covered, battered, buttered and gift-wrapped in a package of fat and sugar. Deep-fried food at its finest: The Funnel Cake  Naturally, we wonder what the next big deep-fried concoction will…

They Call Me Mister Chicken

August 2, 2008

If you’ve been to the L.A. County Fair, you know him.  Maybe not by sight or by his full name, but definitely from his amazing, deep fried concoctions. Deep-fried Oreos. Deep-fried avocados . Delectable Krispy Kreme chicken sandwiches with Swiss cheese drizzled in honey. He’s Charlie Boghosian, or Chicken Charlie as he is more commonly…