A Day Full of Learning Cleverly Disguised as Fun®

February 18, 2009

Hey teachers and parents! I am sure many of you have attended the L.A. County Fair before and have enjoyed all the shopping and Fair food. Maybe you even brought your children and let them enjoy the carnival rides and see all the live animals. Did you know that we have a free field trip program that is in progress throughout the run of the Fair that allows students to come to the Fair and have a one-of-a-kind learning experience as well? The field trip is called The FairKids Discovery Club Field Trip Program.
It’s a free field trip for preschool through 8th grade students to attend the L.A. County Fair. The field trip is designed with Southern California teachers in mind; grade level and subject-specific, they fit easily into existing curriculum maps, and comply with California State Department of Education Curriculum Content Standards.
The 2008 L.A. County Fair had approximately 103,000 students, teachers and chaperones enrolled in field trips to the Fair. FairView Farms is one of the favorite exhibits among the field trip participants.  Last year, several students and teachers witnessed an animal being born. Seeing real animals is very exciting to students who never get to see them in their city life. Teachers continuously tell us that their students enjoy visiting the Milking Parlor, learning where milk comes from and enjoying free milk afterward.
We are currently working on information to send out to all teachers,  principals and parents at more than 7,000 local public, private and home schools. We are being “greener” this year by sending our information electronically and only using “snail mail” where absolutely necessary.   We encourage online registration as well.  Information about the FairKids Discovery Club Field Trip Program and registration/reservations will be on our Web site at lacountyfair.com/fairkids beginning mid-March. Curriculum information will go up in June. 
If your students or children have not participated in this program we encourage you to get them involved. If they have come before then you already know that this program is exceptional. Please join us again this year. Spread the word and encourage other schools to come join in on the fun. It is a truly unique learning experience because it happens in a truly special 543-acre ‘classroom.’

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