I'm Feeling Blue…Dodger Blue

August 26, 2009

dodgersHey L.A., the Fair is turning Blue on Thursday, Sept. 17 – Dodger Blue! That’s right, we are celebrating SoCal’s favorite team all day long – and we’re even having some special guests! Wear Dodger Blue on the 17th and receive half-off admission (you must print a coupon from lacountyfair.com). Greeting fans and signing autographs will be Mr. Dodger himself, Tommy Lasorda;  Tommy Davis; Maury Wills; and the legendary Dodger infield of Ron “the Penguin” stevegarvey1Cey, Bill Russell and Steve Garvey. Talk about a grand slam!

Fans attending the Dodger game on Sept. 4 will receive a voucher good for two free Fair admissions on Sept. 17. If you don’t have a voucher, then you can go to lacountyfair.com and get the half-off admission coupon. Home run!
Some of my fondest childhood memories are of watching the Freeway Series, the pre-season games between the Dodgers and the California Angels – matching Tommy Lasorda’s managerial skills against Jim Fregosi ‘s (the Fairey Blogster’s personal fave) prowess. I met him once at a western wear store in La Habra – made my teen heart flutter. What ever happened to him?
I digress. So, all you L.A. fans, see you here on Sept. 17!


  1. Steve Garvey?!?!?! Hot-diggity-dawg! 🙂

  2. as much as i love our dodger legends, how about getting some current dodger players namely Manny?!

  3. My mom is SO excited to get to see Ron Cey!

    Mr. Scully would be a nice one too….

  5. do you happen to have a schedule you can send me of when and where the guys will be available?
    thank you

  6. Any idea of times and signing schedule for Cey, Garvey, Russell, Lasorda, Wills, and Davis on Dodger Day? And where’s the 1/2 admission coupon on the LA County Fair website? I couldn’t find it

  7. Thank you for the update. I checked out the promo section of the site. Great info. I noticed though that Tommy Lasorda’s name was left off the list of player appearances. Is he still part of the Dodger line-up for Dodger Day?

  8. I was wondering if you have the Dodger Day signing schedule. I checked out the website and promo page and didn’t see a schedule

  9. anyone know what time they’re gonna be there? Is it a free signing or do you have to pay per autograph?

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