The Lean, Mean Street Team Machine

June 23, 2008

Hello to all you faithful Hot Blog on a Stick readers! My name is Kristy, I work in the Marketing Department at Fairplex and I am your guest blogger for today! I was approached by our lovely Fair-ey Blogster to let you know about our Street Team.
Each and every year the L.A. County Fair has a group of dedicated and hard-working Fair fans who go out into the communities to spread their love of the Fair to everyone else.  If you ever see one of our Street Team booths at places like Glendora Concerts in the Park, La Verne 4th of July Country Fair or the Upland Street Fair, stop by and say hello!  We won’t try to sell you anything; we are just there to remind people of how much fun they can have at the Fair.  We also have several giveaway items including wooden ants, modeling clay, stuffed horses and lip balm!
It’s a lot of fun to be a Street Team member. One of my favorite aspects is when you get grown men and women that become as excited as little kids when talking about the Fair. The L.A. County Fair is a part of life for people from this area. My mom likes to tell stories of the stuff they used to sell at the Fair and how they used to have the monorail and giant pool in which they skied and did fishing demonstrations. Some of the people that come up to you are more than 80 years old and still fondly remember their first kiss on the Ferris Wheel or their blue ribbon in the cookie contest. 
If you are a reliable, dedicated and fun-loving Fair aficionado who is interested in joining the L.A. County Fair’s Marketing Street Team, leave a comment and let me know!  And remember, to all you reading and blogging, if you see our Street Team and say you read the blog you might get a special surprise!

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