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May 23, 2008

I told you about some of the creative minds we have here, so now let me share some of what they’re working on for this year’s Fair. In-house we’ve been getting daily updates on what the 2008 Fair has in store. Now let me whet your appetites. Upstairs here in the MarCom department we arrrrrgh so excited about A Pirate’s Life – one of the new attractions for ’08. A Pirate’s Life will have everything Pirate including a pirate show, Cap’N Calico Jack’s Pirate Academy, Ship Wreck Reef where you can dig for treasures, and special fun planned for Sept. 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day. I’ve always wanted “scurvy dog” as part of my everyday patois. So bring your buccaneers of all ages and hop aboard.

 As an animal lover, I am really thrilled about this – Bark Park. Bark Park (the entryway is flanked by two giant fire hydrants – a dog’s dream!) is the one-stop shop for all things canine – and we mean all things! There’s spa treatments, aromatherapy, gourmet doggy treats, massages, “pawdicures,” and the finest in canine couture. Essentially, everything for your muttrosexual. Oh yeah, and custom designed dog houses (I feel like I want to say that like Oprah when she really gets into something and her voice goes deep – fabulous dawwwwg howwwsesss!). These aren’t just Rover-sleep-over dog houses – these are go-to-the-special-doggy-design-center-pick-your-favorite-granite-water-bowl abodes. We’re talking mission design, southern plantation, English countryside.

But in addition to the special treats, Bark Park is also charged with a very important mission – publicizing the plight of the thousands of homeless animals in shelters who need loving, caring homes. And this is a great thing. My husband and I adopted our beloved dog, Fiona, from the Inland Valley Human Society soon after we married nearly 15 years ago. It was a wonderful experience for us; she was an amazing member of our family. Fiona is now in doggy heaven, but she made a great impact on our lives, and we feel strongly about providing a home for one of the thousands of loving animals in shelters awaiting warm, comfortable homes. Bark Park will feature local shelters, who will offer adoptions. I can see it now – “Oh, hubby dear, can I talk to you over here by this cute, curly-haired pooch?”


  1. Bark Park sounds like a great attraction, and I’m glad to see that you will be promoting responsible ownership to with all the fun of owning a pet. My family is considering adopting a dog – maybe we’ll wait until September!

  2. I love this blog, it’s doggone great! I have been looking for a dog to buy/adopt so this is just in time, I would have never thought of looking at the Fairplex. I am surely gonna wait till September so I can find my little, maybe big puppy . . . THANKS ALOT!

  3. Hi Janelle. Fair-ey Blogster here. Great idea on the boarding for pets for out of town visitors. I’ll pass that on.

  4. This Hot Blog is absolutely the greatest new idea for the Fair website. I have learned so much about new things that will be at the Fair, such as Bark Park, and I am looking forward to things that are not new, such as Home and Garden although the Hawaii theme is new) and FairView Farms with Sky Shivers and his knowledge. And of course there are the reminders about the old food favorites and the new ones that are being introduced, such as the deep fried White Castle burgers. Can’t wait! Thank you for this blog!

  5. love pirates and love dogs. how fun.

  6. Ok So where is this Pirate Area going to be Checked the Map but I think the one thats on line is last years.

  7. Hey Bdog. A Pirate’s Life will be next to the Flower & Garden Pavilion and Historic Trains, where the flying k-9 stunt dogs were last year. The maps on the Web site are still in the process of being updated. Thanks for checking! FB

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