Shop ‘til You Drop…Literally

August 12, 2008

We’ve reached the appropriate time in this blog when I get to speak to you about an element of the Fair that is extremely personal to me; a subject with which I spend many wistful summer afternoons, mulling, dreaming. A topic so close to my heart that the mere mention of it brings flutters of unceasing joy! That’s right – I’m talking about shopping. Despite my husband’s loving ribbing, I did not receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in shopping (it was actually a Bachelor of Fine Arts in boutique browsing. I’m currently working on my Master’s in cracka’ lackin’ shoes). I have a nose for all that is good in the consumer world – be it clothes, shoes, power tools, dishes that won’t break, gourmet dips and toilets whose tanks serve as aquariums. All that and more can be found at the L.A. County Fair.
Ladies (and gentlemen, too), when I tell you to save up, bring the checkbook or clear the credit card in time for the Fair, I mean it! With more than 2,000 vendors, the Fair is the largest marketplace this side of the Mississippi. The great thing about the Fair is that you will find items that you can’t find anywhere else or at a stale mall (I’m sorry mall, I’ll love you again after Fair).
This item is new and I am so buying one – Pak Chest® Brand’s Fridge Xone™ Coolers. The only cooler big enough and tough enough for legendary Chicago Bears lineman William “Refrigerator” Perry. The patented technology allows you to have three distinct types of food storage which include: an iced storage area, for icy cold beverages; a separate patented refrigerated pocket™, to keep your sandwiches cool and dry (I love this feature – no more soggy sandwiches), and an extra large capacity dry storage pocket for chips, paper plates, etc. Super insulated with Silver Tech™ insulation and constructed with leak and crush proof polyethylene plastic along with mildew and tear resistant fabrics, this attractive cooler is built to last. The cooler’s lid has a padded top that is strong enough to sit on and the swing open lid design provides for easy access to the coolers contents without having to remove items from the top, making it ideal for use as a tray table.
Also this year: dude, hogs are back! We don’t mean the snortin’ variety – we mean the two-wheeled legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Drive to the Fair in a Yugo, go home in a sleek, chrome-gleaming, revving chick magnet! Ah – visions of Joe Namath in “C.C. and Company”! Yeah, yeah, I know! Great football player, lousy actor. Alright people! Work with me here! The only Harley rider I know is my brother, and I can’t give you a romantic yet wild image of him, can I? Come to think of it, I’m not even sure Joe Willie was riding a Harley – hmmm. At least he had Ann-Margret riding on the back. Anyway – the Fair will have Harleys!
Here are some more items: the topless sandal, Bulldog Beds – beautiful beds for dogs, Snap on flip flops – Flip flops with detachable characters, Cohiba Cigars, Geo Mio – clothing made from bamboo and Da Costa Fashion’s purses and wallets made from fruits, nuts and leaves.
Here is one I’m going to leave to your imagination – Fetch This – doggy couture by Playboy. Whatever, but I will not allow my dog to walk out of my house looking like Paw-mela Anderson or Paw-ris Hilton.
Going Green will have tons of organic items and green products. Family Marketplace and Pirate’s Life will be stocked with great gear for the kiddies. Don’t forget the salsa and smoothie makers, amazing pots and pans, jewelry and bendable ladders. There is so much! As an ardent shopper, I’ve left my mark in previous years, from Birkenstocks to a cute, cute incredibly soft stuffed dog backpack to a Yamaha piano.
What will I bring home this year? Oh, hubby dear, where’s the checkbook?
What will you bring home from the 2008 Fair?

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