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Try Our Top 10 Free Family Activities

August 20, 2011

Nothing is sweeter than spending time with your family, and the Fair knows that!  With tight budgets and a challenging economy,  we know what you want: things to do with your family that are cost effective!  With tons of great admission promotions (bring a few children’s books your kids have outgrown and voila, a ticket to the Fair…

Jurassic Planet: Research facility gone prehistoric!

September 10, 2010

Today, guest kid blogger Raptor J blogs about the Jurassic Planet attraction. The L.A. County Fair was “chosen” by the government to hold a stash of dinos found in a Lost World. Problem is, some have escaped! Here is what Raptor J had to say: Featuring  baryonyx,  deinonychus, giganotosaurus, allosaurus, dilophosaurus, compsagnathus, carnotaurus and more,…

70 Days 'Til Pure.Fun.

June 25, 2010

Holy cow! Does the counter on the L.A. County Fair website really say 70 days until the Fair?! Yes, it does. That’s only 1,680 hours away (actually, about 1,677). And have we got a show in store for you! We are so excited about the new attractions, Fair favorites (Hot Dog on a Stick! I…