Baby T-Rex Roams the L.A. County Fair

September 13, 2009
 T-Rex hatchlingYes, folks. Thanks to some advanced puppetry from the folks at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, young Fairguests visiting JT-Rex Roams the Fairurassic Planet in Building 8 at the L.A. County Fair got to see what a dinosaur hatchling would look like and then what it would be like to meet that hatchling in person a few months later. With a ferocious mien and rather awesome yellow teeth, the Baby T-Rex snorted, growled, sniffed several young Fairguests and then took a short nap.trex_closeup_resized If you missed his special appearance today, don’t worry. He’ll be back Wednesday, Sept. 23 and Saturday, Oct. 3 for another visit.



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