Jurassic Planet: Research facility gone prehistoric!

September 10, 2010

Today, guest kid blogger Raptor J blogs about the Jurassic Planet attraction. The L.A. County Fair was “chosen” by the government to hold a stash of dinos found in a Lost World. Problem is, some have escaped! Here is what Raptor J had to say:
Featuring  baryonyx,  deinonychus, giganotosaurus, allosaurus, dilophosaurus, compsagnathus, carnotaurus and more, this is a truly great dinosaur experience!
But there are a few problems, like a baby triceratops trying to escape but is closely followed by T.rex and a raptor which has taken over security!
If you make it to the end of the hall you will find a real paleontologist! Walter W. Stein has made many important discoveries in his field of science. His talk shows are very interesting, and he even let me hold a raptor and a t.rex tooth. His book is also for sale and you can even get it signed. The name of his book is The top 265 rules of paleontology.
Happy dino hunting!
 -Raptor J 

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