Sport and the Fair: One Fun Combination

September 10, 2016

New this year to the LA County Fair is Let The Games Begin, an interactive exhibition filled with unique displays of rare memorabilia that allow guests to discover the who, how, when and where of the origins of each of the “Big Six” American Sports: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey and Golf.
The goal is to show guests the different ways that these sports have evolved, the various iconic players and their significance in our daily lives. Let The Games Begin will look at the way sports has become an integral part of our popular culture, especially as it is used in our everyday language.

Given that the 2016 Summer Olympics just ended, the exhibit will present the history of both the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games. We’ll cover how much the games have progressed – from originally having 6 sports and only allowing men to participate to currently having 30 sports and allowing women to participate. This is one area of the exhibit you will not want to miss!
To spice things up, some of the interactive activities will include:

  • Golf – putting green and mini-golf
  • Hockey – target shooting a real puck on a real net
  • Soccer – penalty kick into a Gooaal!
  • Basketball – full-size hoops and a bank of “pizza hoops”
  • Football – throwing passes through automobile tires
  • Baseball – pitching cage and whiffle ball home run derby diamond

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