New animals at The Farm

August 22, 2014

For all animal lovers stopping by the Farm, you will be so surprised by what we have in store for you that we guarantee you will create long-lasting memories at this fun and educational experience.
There will be activities for people of all ages that include milking goats, seeing pig races, and potentially seeing a live animal birth! You name it, we have something for everyone in the family to enjoy.
As usual, our petting zoo will be a great opportunity for children and adults to pet over 150 animals. If you are feeling a little adventurous, purchase animal food and see animals race to you to be fed and pet! The smile on your child’s face will be a lasting memory you will never want to forget.
In addition to the petting zoo and our typical farm animals, this year’s Farm will introduce a new show highlighting two zebra hybrids: one zorse and one zonkey. Confused? Well, you shouldn’t be because you read correctly. You will learn more than you could possibly imagine about the historical upbringing of zorses and zonkeys. A zorse is derived from breeding a horse and a zebra together, while a zonkey is derived from a zebra and a donkey.

A Zorse (left) and a Zonkey (right)

The show will also highlight horses, mules and zebras. Many people are under the impression that there is only one type of a zebra, but that is not true. When you visit the Farm you will learn about the different breeds of zebras and their historical uses in Africa.

There will also be a new chicken show where guests will learn about the origin of these phenomenal animals, the oddness of some breeds, designer chickens, and egg production. Learning more about chickens will surely blow your mind away.
As if this was not enough, this year’s Farm will also host a new breed of sheep, known as the Royal White Sheep. This unique breed of sheep was developed in Texas and is not seen west of the Rockies, so it will be a real treat for our guests.
On top of seeing animals bred in other states, Max’s Barnyard Show will bring it back home by featuring animals seen roaming around your backyard such as chickens, rabbits, tarantulas, opossums, red foxes and California Kingsnakes.
Guests will also have the opportunity to see how ice cream, butter, and cream cheese can easily be made from milk at home. Who knows, you may decide to make your own milk-derived products after you absorb all of this new information.
And we could not possibly forget to mention the all-time Fair favorite pig races that will be held seven times a day, every day.
Ultimately, the number one goal of the LACF Farm is to entertain our guests and to remind them that agriculture is part of our daily lives! So, brace yourself to have the most fun you have ever had!

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