Still Time to Get Your Photos In

June 8, 2009

eyesThe deadline for the L.A. County Fair’s photography competition has been extended to July 1. So, what are you waiting for? “Recycled: Fashion, Food, and Lifestyle in Advertising Photography” is the competition title. This year’s competition calls on amateur and professional photographers to submit photos of recession-conscious trends in four categories: fashion, food, home/lifestyle and graphic arts. 
 Just like Scarlett O’Hara’s famous curtain dress, fashionable consumer goods nowadays rely on creative repurposing and innovatively inexpensive fabrics for the budget- and environmentally conscious American consumer.  Original photos that celebrate actual products or fantasy products and lifestyle, whether unique or mass-produced, are sought for this year’s competition. Photos of an advertising or editorial nature are both acceptable. Black and white or color photos are acceptable.  Photos may have text incorporated in the photo (i.e. an advertising slogan), or in the graphic arts category, be the logo that signifies the product or service.  The entry form will allow for text describing the photo(s) in greater detail.
Visit the competition Web site for all the rules and regulations, and all the categories. Hurry up you creative shutter bugs!

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