C'mon baby, do the locamotion

September 18, 2013

We stopped by the Fairplex Garden Railroad this morning to say hello and check out all the new miniatures on the landscape. Our railroad is run completely by volunteers–people who genuinely love miniature trains and devote hours of their time to making sure our railroad looks pristine year-round!
We posted this GoPro video last year, when we “shrunk” down to Garden Railroad size and took a ride through the attraction:

The same detailed set-building is evident this year. Green hills, flowing streams, relaxing waterfalls and small-town hotels, mining companies, bridges, caves and more, paired with the hums and horns on the trains make this exhibit one of the most peaceful yet interesting attractions that the Fair has to offer.

The Fairplex Garden Railroad originally came to the Fair in 1924 and was moved to its current location in 1935. The railroad has continued to grow and thrive at the Fair ever since. In fact, this exhibit is the oldest (and possibly largest) miniature railroad in the world. It’s hard to believe until you step onto the scene and realize how big this mini-universe really is!
You can view additional information about the Fairplex Garden Railroad at http://www.fgrr.org/

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