Top 5 Helpful Apps for the Fair

August 20, 2012

The L.A. County Fair does not own this image. This image is part of an Apple iPhone ad.

We live in a world of Androids and iPhones. 8 years ago we couldn’t imagine how the world coped without the use of Internet and “cell” phones (better defined as bricks nowadays…) Now it’s hard to believe we were able to survive without email, Google Maps, Twitter and texting, all on one small device.
Regardless of how you feel about this reliance on technology, you can’t deny it makes life a little easier (if not simpler.)
Here are our five top recommended apps to help make your day at the fair a little easier and lots of fun:
1. The L.A. County Fair app (of course!) – Your go-to digital guide to all the fun going on at the Fair including a full list of the day’s events.
2. Instagram – because posting pictures of rides, food and all the cute animals is always fun.
3.Foursquare – What, you didn’t always dream of being the mayor of the Fair?
4. Friend Finder – This one’s a little creepy… when you download the app and sync your contacts it shows you where all of your friends are, whether close by or not. Think the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter brought to technological life. Why is it helpful? Well, if you get lost or want to meet up with someone, this is a good way to do it.
5. MyFitnessPal – This one is for you calorie counters and health nuts who journey to the fair. MyFitnessPal enables you to look up almost any food and lists the nutritional info on each.
So there you have it. Traditional fair meets the latest in technology. What are the apps you use when you venture to amusement parks?

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