The Final Countdown

August 23, 2012

As of today there are exactly 8 days left until the Fair opens!
Things are definitely busy here on the grounds. The Fairey Blogster posted a few pics this week and things are continuing to grow! Rides are being built, bears are being moved into Wilderness Ridge, giant clocks are being installed in one exhibit, giant iPhones in another and Chicken Charlie is rolling up his sleeves and getting ready for a month-long deep fried fiesta.
Here are some ways you can be ready for Fair time, just like we are ready for you!
1. Download the (free) L.A. County Fair Mobile App for your phone and check out our list of entertainment and attractions for the day. You can save a lot of time with a glance at the app.
2. Purchase your tickets online! You can now purchase tickets via Facebook. Just go to our Facebook page and find the tab saying Buy Tickets. (There’s a giant arrow guiding you there.) Just select the number of tickets you would like and you’re set!
3. Work up an appetite! The last thing you want to do is show up to the Fair with a belly full of food…
What are you looking forward to this year at the Fair? Tell us in the comment section and we will be sure to blog about it!

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