Sunday Funday at the Fair: Dessert Edition

Sunday Funday at the Fair: Dessert Edition

September 3, 2018

Every day is Cheat Day at the LA County Fair! We spent the entire day taste testing some of the sweetest, gooiest, sugary treats the Fair has to offer. Here’s what we found (and then devoured):

  1. la county fair desserts Ice Cream Sundae from Cathy’s Cookies

    Sometimes simple is just as delicious as decadent, even at the LA County Fair. If you haven’t had one of Cathy’s freshly baked chocolate chip cookies you are seriously missing out.

    Pair one of her mouthwatering treats with vanilla ice cream and you have yourself one of the best combos this side of Los Angeles. Find Cathy’s Cookies on The Farm Road.

    Bonus: This particular dessert is part of our Route $6.60 menu! View all the other items we have listed here.

  2. los angeles county fair dessert Hawaiian Sundae from Hawaiian Chicken Bowl

    We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this little number.

    We have a perpetual sweet tooth and we were more than ready to dig into this: coconut, pineapple whipped cream and churros all in one. DELICIOUS.

    Find them on Birch Street next to the Grandstand.

  3. Mi Limonada Loca from Mi Cafecito 

    When we heard that Mi Cafecito would be returning to Mi POCO LA we were thrilled — not just for their delicious coffee, but for their sweet drinks too.

    Mi Limonada Loca is the perfect blend of agua fresca, lemonade and agave nectar. Highly recommended! Mi POCO LA is located inside the Millard Sheets patio.

    (Side note: The Alt 66 art exhibit inside the gallery is pretty amazing too. We’ll be exploring there tomorrow!)

  4. Cotton Candy Ice Cream from Chicken Charlie’s la county fair dessert

    It wouldn’t be the LA County Fair without one of Chicken Charlie’s insane desserts.

    Today we went for one of our 2017 favorites: the cotton candy ice cream sandwich. It’s always a battle to choose what we want from here: the classic deep-fried Oreos are always a contender, no matter what new desserts may be offered.

We would have liked to keep going but we decided to call it a day. There’s so much else we have to try!

Afters Ice Cream, Terri’s Berries, the new Nitropop popcorn flavors, not to mention our favorite giant donuts and Old Tyme ice cream…

We’re not in too big a rush… We have three whole weeks to explore the rest of the Fair food, after all 🙂

What is your favorite Fair sweet treat? Tell us in the comments below! 

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