Shopping for the Hard-to-Buy for Person

September 11, 2008

I know it’s only September, and we’ve just started the Fair, but it isn’t too early to start your holiday shopping. And there isn’t a better place to do it than the LA County Fair. We have more than 2,000 vendors, so you really can find the right gift for everyone on your list. Here is a list of some items I spotted today:
* Slingback Chairs – totally comforable with an attached canopy that offers UV protection – $69. You can add an attachable footrest for $14.
* Keyboard decals – these are small decals you can stick on your computers key to decorate their rather drab look.
* Emu Oil – advertised as a Jurassic Secret, it cures all sorts of things like psoriasis.
* Live ladybugs – for your garden; a natural “pesticide.”
* Health Mate Infrared Sauna – saunas (pretty compact size, they could fit in your bedroom if you had a large bedroom) that burn calories, increase blood circulation, relieve pain, improve immune system, reduce stress and enhance skin tone.
* Himalayan salt lamps – the lamp you can eat. A block of Himalayan salt is carved into a lamp. As the salt warms, it emits negative ions into the air. Negative ions cause harmful air particles to clump together and fall to the floor, so this may help relieve symptoms of asthma, sinus and allergies.  Wow! And they are pretty cool looking.
All of these items were found in Fairplex 4. What great items have you found at the Fair?

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