The Crafty and Creative Displayed “On Broadway”

October 2, 2011

We’ve highlighted some of the great culinary competitions that have taken place here at the Fair. But did you know that before the Fair even begins, there are dozens of competitions that are judged and then displayed during the Fair? Many of these are in our Tapestry and Culinary Styles buildings (also known as the Village on Broadway).
Taking a walk through the Village and you’ll see that your fellow Fair goers are very talented. In Culinary Styles there are not just foods like preserves and cakes, but also elaborate tablescapes.
In Tapestry you can get ideas for home decorating form people who do it best. Christmas, fall, themed parties and everyday set-ups for your home are exhibited. There’s also handmade costumes, wedding dresses, jewelry, quilts and baby clothes!
It’s our last day to display these great feats of skill, but we do hope you will be inspired to try your hand at crafting or cooking for one of our competitions for next year. Make sure to check back on our website and blog for more details!

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