Making Things Merry at Fairplex

Every year our creative team transforms our campus from a summertime playground of Fair fun into a wintry haven of festivities.

Expo Hall 8 is one of our largest event spaces, and full of holiday cheer. The walls are lined with beautiful Christmas trees and winter vignettes, ranging from a bakery to a bridal shop, creating a cozy holiday-filled town. Check out some of the vignettes below — all are made by hand, each designed by members of our creative department:

Gingerbread House
If you have a sweet tooth, you’re sure to crave cookies, candy and gingerbead after taking a close look at the Gingerbead House vignette!

1 Making Things Merry at Fairplex

Antique Store
This quaint scene is reminiscent of a childhood Christmas past, before video games, smartphones and toys that moved and talked of their own accord. 2 Making Things Merry at Fairplex

This particular vignette pays tribute to our annual Los Angeles International Wine, Spirits & Beer Competitions, even featuring some of the medals as ornaments for the tree. Tgh3 Making Things Merry at Fairplex We are always impressed with the level of detail and DIY skill our team shows, not only during the holidays, but at the LA County Fair, Upland Lemon Festival and other self-produced events.

If you would like to have your holiday or end-of-year party with us, give us a visit at We would love to show you more of our venue!

Fairplex Weekend Recap: Holiday Fun

It may have been a little rainy, and definitely overcast, but that didn’t stop us from having fun this weekend! Read the recap below:

Holiday Half Marathon & 5K

The December festivities continued this weekend with the annual Holiday Half Marathon & 5K! We love being home base for the half marathon — it’s where all the fun happens icon smile Fairplex Weekend Recap: Holiday Fun

Fairplex Events holidayhalf Fairplex Weekend Recap: Holiday Fun

Photo Cred: @bnmoua (Instagram)

The Health & Fitness Expo, Penguin Waddle, 5K and starting line for the half marathon all happens here at Fairplex, not to mention the after-party fun.

Fairplex Events om g16 Fairplex Weekend Recap: Holiday Fun

Photo Cred: @om_g16 (Instagram)

Fairplex Events brami1011 Fairplex Weekend Recap: Holiday Fun

Photo Cred: @brami1011 (Instagram)

Congratulations to all the runners who participated! Whether it was a 5K or the full half marathon, running is no joke!

Fairplex Snapshot: Neighborhood Poinsettia Drop

Today we continued our holiday tradition of dropping off poinsettias and our company greeting card to all our neighbors.

Fairplex Community poinsettiadrop2 Fairplex Snapshot: Neighborhood Poinsettia Drop This is our small way of saying thank you for letting us be a part of their community. We are always appreciative of their involvement with us throughout the year. Happy holidays to all!

Fairplex Snapshot: Souper Bowl 2016

The Souper Bowl is one of our favorite end-of-year fundraisers!

Our Career & Technical Education (CTEC) students have made beautiful, unique ceramic bowls, which our guests can purchase for $15 each. Once bowls have been selected, guests can fill them up with delicious hot soup, while chatting with fellow donors and meeting the students themselves.

This year, for an extra $5, guests also learned how to make ceramic bowls in small sessions led by students. Not a bad way to start the season off!

Weekend Recap: Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show

Some things never change, and the Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show are one of them. As you walk towards the entrance you’re greeted by a very merry Santa on stilts, singing holiday hits and welcoming you to the show.

Fairplex UGC harvestfest dangerouscupcakes Weekend Recap: Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show

Photo Cred: @dangerouscupcakes (Instagram)

Upon entering, guests are greeted by carolers and vendors selling everything from clothes to Christmas decorations, all handmade.

Fairplex Events harvestfest6 Weekend Recap: Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show

Shoppers take their time, looking at the many booths, chatting with artisans and purchasing gifts for themselves and their loved ones. There’s even a children’s section, where little ones can take their turn at arts & crafts.

Fairplex UGC harvestfest 15phoenix 1982 Weekend Recap: Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show

Photo Cred: @15phoneix_1982 (Instagram)

After a couple hours of shopping, guests could choose from a number of hearty options from the food court before heading home.

We loved hosting the Harvest Festival. For us, this event signifies the start of our own holiday season, which we’ll be covering over the next couple weeks here on the blog icon smile Weekend Recap: Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show

Harvest Festival 2016

The Harvest Festival has arrived at Fairplex!

We love the holiday music, festive lights, tasty food and seeing the creativity of all the vendors. Ornaments, jewelry, decorations, photography, clothing, home decor… the list goes on, and each item is handmade by talented artisans.  We would choose the Harvest Festival over the chaos and generic gifts from the mall any day.  

The Harvest Festival is open all weekend.Visit for hours, ticket pricing and more. 

Fairplex donates giant bear to Ontario Reign Teddy Bear Toss

We recently had the pleasure of donating one of our Fair giant teddy bears to pro hockey team Ontario Reign for their annual Teddy Bear Toss!

The Teddy Bear Toss invites hockey spectators to toss new teddy bears and other stuffed animals onto the ice. These toys are then collected and donated to local charities. It’s a fun way to support those in the community.

Check out the video for more info!

December at Fairplex

Happy December! Things are looking merry and bright here at Fairplex and we’re ready to celebrate the end of 2016 with some of our favorite traditional events. Check it out:

harvestfestival December at Fairplex

Harvest Festival (Dec. 2-4): Our month starts off with the Original Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show! This is the place to shop for handmade gifts.

We love the atmosphere of cheery holiday music, glowing lights, tasty treats and row upon row of artisan items. For more information, visit

PomonaSwapMeet December at Fairplex Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show (Dec. 4): Our last Pomona Swap Meet of 2016 is this Sunday! Shop thousands of car parts & accessories, enjoy the sight of hundreds of classic cars, and hang out with fellow car enthusiasts. More info available at


HolidayHalf December at Fairplex Holiday Half Marathon (Dec. 10-11): December wouldn’t be December without the Holiday Half Marathon! The fun starts on Saturday, Dec.10 with the health & fitness expo, Holiday 5K and the Kids 1K Penguin Waddle.

Runners can also register during this time. The actual half marathon is on Sunday, with runners starting their race at Fairplex. For registration information, schedule of events and more, visit

RVShow December at Fairplex Giant LA Winter RV Show: We end 2016 with the return of the Giant LA Winter RV Show. Roadtrippers can shop the latest in travel fun and speak with experts on various products and services. More info at

Other Events: Other events include the Hot Tub Swim Spa Show (Dec. 2-4), the NHRA Museum’s Twilight Cruise, and Darbar E Khalsa. Hours, parking and additional information is available on our events calendar at


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