L.A. Weekender: Cars, cars, cars galore

We are super excited for the Grand National Roadster Show this weekend but there are a ton of other cool things happening in L.A. too. Check out what’s going on this weekend:

GNRS Weekender L.A. Weekender: Cars, cars, cars galore  Grand National Roadster Show (Jan 29 – 31): The 65th annual Grand National Roadster Show is at Fairplex this weekend for all things classic, automotive and beautiful. Stop by this weekend, grab a beer and some food and saunter through row upon row of gorgeous, state-of-the-art classic cars. This celebration of hot rods and roadsters will satisfy the hearts of car lovers of all ages. For more information visit fairplex.com

Free Museum Day (Jan 30): If you’ve ever wanted to check out LACMA or the MOCA now is the time! Los Angeles museums are offering free admission on Saturday. More than a dozen museums are participating and we recommend visiting at least two! View a complete list of participating museums here. 

Night on Broadway (Jan 30): Broadway in downtown is always thriving with shopping, dining, art and a general lively beat. That’s all about to explode tenfold at the annual Night on Broadway celebration. See a film, watch a concert, eat until you can’t and enjoy the abundance of performing arts, delicious dining options and dive into some of the best that downtown LA has to offer. Attendance is FREE and open to all ages. More info at nightonbroadway.la.

Anime Los Angeles (Jan 29-31): If you were intrigued by the Anime Impulse event during the Asian American Expo at Fairplex you might want to head over to the Ontario Convention Center for the Anime L.A. event this weekend. Cosplay, dance, eat and mingle with other anime and manga fans and get ready for the bigger events heading to LA this summer! For more info visit animelosangeles.org.

L.A. Taco Takedown (Jan 31): Finish up the weekend at the L.A. Taco Takedown! Try the best of the best as Angelenos compete to see who the best taco maker in LA really is. Home cooks will be adding their specialty sauces, spices and fillings to Princesita tacos while spectators have the delightful task of feasting on all the contest entries. More info here.

The Fairplex L.A. Weekender is a calendar of weekend events throughout Los Angeles County, from the heart of downtown to the beach cities to the IE. Additional information about all listings can be found at the event’s official website. If you have suggestions for an event, leave a comment in the box below or email us at tanji@fairplex.com

Sneak Peek: 65th Annual Grand Roadster Show

The roar of engines is prevalent all over campus today as our guests move in for the Grand National Roadster Show! The KTLA news crew stopped by this morning for a preview of this weekend’s activities. Check it out!

Fairplex Snapshot: Topiary on The Farm

During the LA County Fair, the Big Red Barn is full of friendly animals. Goats, cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs… the list goes on. Once October rolls around the barns are emptied and used as storage units or as temporary housing for horses. But that doesn’t mean we neglect appearances! 

Our gardeners do a fantastic job of keeping our grounds looking beautiful and fresh all year long, including fun topiary projects like the one above! Goats, roosters and the occasional sheep can be found grazing just outside the barns for our year-round event guests. We love it!

AXC Roadster Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson Auto Show

Not everyone can say their car is displayed at one of the largest auto auctions in the world, but our students at the Alex Xydias Center for Automotive Arts (AXC) are experiencing it first hand!

GraduationAXC roadster AXC Roadster Auctioned at Barrett Jackson Auto Show AXC students pose with their Hi-Boy 

Our auto students, alongside L.A. Roadster volunteers, built a beautiful 1932 Hi-Boy Roadster. Car enthusiasts will instantly recognize the car as one of the first in hot rod history. It’s fitting that our students chose this model, as Alex Xydias (the namesake of AXC) was one of the founders of the hot-rodding industry. 

AXC roadster auction ad small 1024x1022 AXC Roadster Auctioned at Barrett Jackson Auto Show

Watch the car auction live Saturday, Jan. 30th at 8:30 p.m. MST on the Barrett-Jackson website! All proceeds from the sale of this automobile will benefit The Learning Centers at Fairplex.

The Alex Xydias Center for Automotive Arts is a two-year program that gives tudents the necessary confidence and hands-on experience needed to enter the automotive industry. Students explore concepts and build skills in basic mechanics, diagnosis and service, auto body, metal fabrication and restoration. To learn more about AXC, click here

L.A. Weekender: Wine, beer and Fast Times at Ridgemont High

It’s a fairly quiet weekend for us at Fairplex, although things will start picking up with the arrival of the Grand National Roadster Show next week! That being said, we’re ready to relax and enjoy not being snowed in like our friends on the East Coast. Here’s what is going down in L.A. this weekend:

happyfriday 1024x682 L.A. Weekender: Wine, beer and Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast Times Fest (Jan 23): If you’re a Fast Times at Ridgemont High fan then this event is for you. The Fast Times Fest at the Wiltern is going all out for this classic. Dress up as your favorite character, compete in a costume contest and rock out to 80s’ music with the tribute band Ridgemont Allstars. Tickets and additional information is available at wiltern.com.

Uncorked LA Wine Festival (Jan 23): Head down to Union Station for the inaugural Uncorked festival. It’s your standard (and delicious) fare of popular food trucks and more than 50 wineries to sample from. Tickets are available at uncorkedwinefestivals.com.

Brews & Bros Craft Beer Festival (Jan 23): If you think beer > wine then head out to the Cable Airport in Upland for the Brews & Bros Craft Beer Festival! Sample from local breweries like Hangar 24 and Skyland Ale Works, listen to live music and connect with fellow craft beer enthusiasts. Food trucks, craft sodas, ciders and wine will also be available. For more info, check out brewsandbrosfest.org.

Farmers & Artisans Market (Jan 24): Wind down your weekend with a mellow morning in Claremont. The Farmers & Artisans Market features fresh produce from California farmers and an assortment of goods and services from the local community. Enjoy a leisurely brunch at one of the local dining spots and then shop at your own pace. More info at claremontforum.org.

The Fairplex L.A. Weekender is a calendar of weekend events throughout Los Angeles County, from the heart of downtown to the beach cities to the IE. Additional information about all listings can be found at the event’s official website. If you have suggestions for an event, leave a comment in the box below or email us at tanji@fairplex.com


Throwback Thursday: Fairplex Expo Halls

We found this beautiful photo in our archives the other day and thought we would share with you! We don’t have an exact date of when this photo was taken but it was definitely before 1935, when the Fairplex Garden Railroad was moved to its current location, which spans the length of several expo halls.

TBT expohalls Throwback Thursday: Fairplex Expo Halls

As you can see, our grounds had less fountains, pathways and trees back in the day. We’re certainly glad there is more shaded areas now, especially during hot Fair days!

Do you have any old photos of Fairplex or the L.A. County Fair? Share with our readers in the comments below! 

Fairplex Snapshot: CTEC Heads to Pappas

One of the best parts of our classes at the Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC) is that learning isn’t confined to a single classroom.

Our students have the opportunity to get hands-on in their learning, whether that’s growing crops on The Farm, building a car or in this case, visiting a local restaurant.

Our restaurant management class had the unique opportunity to visit a local hot spot, Pappas Artisanal in La Verne. Students got to chat with Chef Flood, the man behind the culinary delights at the restaurant, and learn first-hand about the restaurant business.

Thank you Pappas for your hospitality!

Urban Farming: Water Preservation

It’s no secret that The Farm at Fairplex is sustainability-conscious. We make an effort to make all our systems as energy-efficient and resource-savvy as possible, including the way we regulate irrigation.

TheFarm DayofService Urban Farming: Water Preservation Beneath the peaceful exterior of The Farm lies intricate sustainability systems 

Along with our vertical farming system, we also use a state-of-the-art weather reactive time clock with an on-site mini weather station to regulate irrigation. This not only prevents water waste, but minimizes the resources we need for irrigation. 

We save more than 12,000 feet of copper wire that would have been required if we had used the old standard of irrigation installation and wiring.

CAN0127 300x200 Urban Farming: Water Preservation As for the weather clock, it reacts to daily weather changes and automatically modifies or delays irrigation based on The Farm’s actual needs. It helps correct accidental run times that could cause excess water usage, leaching water and wasting precious soil nutrients and fertilizers past the root zones.

We are dedicated to keeping at the top of industry standards for irrigation, using the latest in drip-tape, drip-tube, drip emmitter, spitter stick and bubbler technology to minimize the waste of water through evaporation and splash.

DAN4619 300x199 Urban Farming: Water Preservation We decide on the type of irrigation to use for each crop based on how long the plant is grown and the best water supply system for each soil type (i.e. planted in the ground, on a raised bed, in a portable container etc.)

Like children, all plants have their specific needs and using the wrong system just wastes precious water and fails to irrigate soil correctly. We take the responsibility of urban farming seriously and we look forward to another year at The Farm!

To learn more about The Farm at Fairplex, visit us at mckinleysgrille.com.

Fairplex Weekend Recap: Asian American Expo

We were b u s y this weekend at Fairplex! Check out what our campus looked like:

Asian American Expo
We kicked things off with the Asian American Expo and it. was. packed. It seems like everywhere you went there was something to eat, buy or do.

We had a blast checking out the cosplay at Anime Impulse, watching guests chow down on fried squid, noodles and desserts of every kind, and clapping along with audiences captivated by Taiko drummers, Tahitian dancers, martial arts demonstrations and more in the expo halls.

On top of that, the Expo also featured several live musical performances, DJ sets and a sample clothing sale.

It was impossible to be bored for a single second and we are already looking forward to next year’s Lunar New Year celebrations!

Pomona Swap Meet
Literally hours after the first night of Asian American Expo came to a close, car enthusiasts started rolling in for the monthly Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show.

Photo Cred: @skanlouz_1996

As always, guests shopped parts for their current auto projects, showed off their classic cars and enjoyed food and drinks with fellow visitors. Thankfully it wasn’t raining so we enjoyed a sunny Sunday on all sides of campus.

We’re taking a slight breather today but it won’t be long before we’re making preparations for the Grand National Roadster Show. Hope your weekend was as fun as ours was!

For more information on Fairplex events, visit Fairplex.com.

L.A. Weekender: MLK Weekend

Cheers to the weekend (especially since it’s a long one!) We hope you’ll join us for our first major event of the year, but there is plenty happening throughout L.A. too. We’ve selected our top five picks below. TGIF!

AAX Promo1 L.A. Weekender: MLK Weekend Asian American Expo 2015

It’s the Pits! Party (Jan 15): The La Brea Tar Pits turns into party central tonight at the “It’s the Pits!” party. Groups and individual artists take over the museum grounds for film screenings, dance and music performances and the Ice Age Encounters exhibit, educating guests about the extinct animals that once roamed Los Angeles more than 10,000 years ago. The event is free to the public. For more info visit tarpits.org.

Asian American Expo (Jan 16-17): The 35th annual Asian American Expo kicks off our 2016 event season and we couldn’t be more excited! This year’s Lunar New Year celebration will be bigger than ever, with thousands of food and shopping vendors, live entertainment in and around our expo halls, eating contests, Anime Impulse, craft beer and a fashion show. The activity is non-stop and we’ll be covering it on the blog. We would love to have you join us! Visit aaexpo.com for hours, admission prices and programming.

Star Party at Griffith Observatory (Jan 16): The Griffith Observatory is hosting their monthly Star Party this Saturday. Take advantage of the public telescope viewing and see the stars up close and personal. Telescope demonstrators will be available to show you where and how to stargaze. Make sure you’re there by 9 p.m.! More info at griffithobservatory.org.

Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show (Jan 17): As always, we will be hosting the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car show bright and early Sunday morning! Shop thousands of parts, check out dozens of classic cars and network with your fellow auto enthusiasts. More info available at pomonaswapmeet.com.

The Fairplex L.A. Weekender is a calendar of weekend events throughout Los Angeles County, from the heart of downtown to the beach cities to the IE. Additional information about all listings can be found at the event’s official website. If you have suggestions for an event, leave a comment in the box below or email us at tanji@fairplex.com