You and the Fair: Finding Loving Homes for Dogs

Beginning opening weekend this Saturday and continuing every weekend wiry-haired-dogthrough Oct. 4, the Fair and local animal shelters will be offering pet adoptions at Bark Park. Go the Fair, bring home the furry love of your life. It’s better than a date with a human.

Bark Park features a dog rescue organization or animal shelter sponsored by West Coast Pet Expo with a variety of four-legged friends looking for good homes. Stop by and learn about the work of these worthwhile organizations. Welcoming a rescue dog into your family is a feel-good opportunity with a lifetime of rewards. 

Here is Bark Park’s adoption schedule:
Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 5-6
Beagles and Buddies
El Monte, CA

Saturday, Sept. 12
Mutts N Stuff Small Dog Rescue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 19 – 20
Riverside County Department of Animal Services
Riverside, CA

 Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 – 27
 Greyhounds of America
 La Habra Heights, CA

 Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 3 – 4
 West End Shelter for Animals
 Ontario, CA

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Doggy Couture

It was Project Runway – Poodle Style yesterday when Bark Park featured a dog fashion show. Some of the puppies we have here at the Fair were dressed in the finest outfits from bell bottoms to camo to a tutu. Vecari Perez, owner of Pet It USA, provided the clothing. She and her partner make the clothing and dog jewelry, which is available at the Fair. They also have the popular dog strollers for $75, which retail for $110 elsewhere. There are cute rhinestone hair clips and shoes to keep the paws clean. Wow, who knew a dog could look so chic?

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Hot Dogs (not on a stick)

I had posted pre-Fair about Soccer Collies, the sensational duo who are here at the Fair every day in Bark Park, presented by Canidae all-natural dog food. Well, you have to come see them. These dogs will go head to nose against anyone in front of a soccer goal. Ms.Z (prounounced Mizzy) and Bek (named after David Beckham) are fun-loving, soccer-loving dogs. That’s Ms.Z catching the ball from earlier today.

Owner/trainer Mark Lukas trained the dogs on his own. He said it didn’t take long for either of the two to learn some serious soccer moves. He said it takes patience and persistence. The more they play, the more they learn, and Bek, the younger of the two, learns alot just from watching Ms.Z. Ms.Z has even gone up against a pro from the Chivas team, scoring some goals.

 So get your AYSO youngsters out here to see what Ms.Z and Bek can teach them!

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Shop ‘til You Drop…Literally

We’ve reached the appropriate time in this blog when I get to speak to you about an element of the Fair that is extremely personal to me; a subject with which I spend many wistful summer afternoons, mulling, dreaming. A topic so close to my heart that the mere mention of it brings flutters of unceasing joy! That’s right – I’m talking about shopping. Despite my husband’s loving ribbing, I did not receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in shopping (it was actually a Bachelor of Fine Arts in boutique browsing. I’m currently working on my Master’s in cracka’ lackin’ shoes). I have a nose for all that is good in the consumer world – be it clothes, shoes, power tools, dishes that won’t break, gourmet dips and toilets whose tanks serve as aquariums. All that and more can be found at the L.A. County Fair.

Ladies (and gentlemen, too), when I tell you to save up, bring the checkbook or clear the credit card in time for the Fair, I mean it! With more than 2,000 vendors, the Fair is the largest marketplace this side of the Mississippi. The great thing about the Fair is that you will find items that you can’t find anywhere else or at a stale mall (I’m sorry mall, I’ll love you again after Fair).

This item is new and I am so buying one – Pak Chest® Brand’s Fridge Xone™ Coolers. The only cooler big enough and tough enough for legendary Chicago Bears lineman William “Refrigerator” Perry. The patented technology allows you to have three distinct types of food storage which include: an iced storage area, for icy cold beverages; a separate patented refrigerated pocket™, to keep your sandwiches cool and dry (I love this feature – no more soggy sandwiches), and an extra large capacity dry storage pocket for chips, paper plates, etc. Super insulated with Silver Tech™ insulation and constructed with leak and crush proof polyethylene plastic along with mildew and tear resistant fabrics, this attractive cooler is built to last. The cooler’s lid has a padded top that is strong enough to sit on and the swing open lid design provides for easy access to the coolers contents without having to remove items from the top, making it ideal for use as a tray table.

Also this year: dude, hogs are back! We don’t mean the snortin’ variety – we mean the two-wheeled legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Drive to the Fair in a Yugo, go home in a sleek, chrome-gleaming, revving chick magnet! Ah – visions of Joe Namath in “C.C. and Company”! Yeah, yeah, I know! Great football player, lousy actor. Alright people! Work with me here! The only Harley rider I know is my brother, and I can’t give you a romantic yet wild image of him, can I? Come to think of it, I’m not even sure Joe Willie was riding a Harley – hmmm. At least he had Ann-Margret riding on the back. Anyway – the Fair will have Harleys!

Here are some more items: the topless sandal, Bulldog Beds – beautiful beds for dogs, Snap on flip flops – Flip flops with detachable characters, Cohiba Cigars, Geo Mio – clothing made from bamboo and Da Costa Fashion’s purses and wallets made from fruits, nuts and leaves.

Here is one I’m going to leave to your imagination – Fetch This – doggy couture by Playboy. Whatever, but I will not allow my dog to walk out of my house looking like Paw-mela Anderson or Paw-ris Hilton.

Going Green will have tons of organic items and green products. Family Marketplace and Pirate’s Life will be stocked with great gear for the kiddies. Don’t forget the salsa and smoothie makers, amazing pots and pans, jewelry and bendable ladders. There is so much! As an ardent shopper, I’ve left my mark in previous years, from Birkenstocks to a cute, cute incredibly soft stuffed dog backpack to a Yamaha piano.

What will I bring home this year? Oh, hubby dear, where’s the checkbook?

What will you bring home from the 2008 Fair?

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Rufffff! Goalllll!

David Beckham better watch out – the Soccer Collies are on his tail.


The Soccer Collies are coming to the L.A. County Fair with shows opening day Friday, Sept. 5 at noon, 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., then Wednesdays – Fridays 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 pm and Saturdays – Sundays 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. through the run of the Fair.

If you haven’t seen these sport-tacular canines, they’re amazing. They dribble, pass and shoot using their paws and noses, all without shin guards, or paw guards.

This is not just a show that will captivate the imagination of young soccer players . . . it’s a real competition.  Human vs. canine go head to toe, paw to hand in an all-out battle of speed and agility unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Soccer Collies do all the running while the human competitor tries to stop these very determined, highly skilled soccer playing canine athletes from scoring a goal.  Find out how easy it is to train a soccer dog of your own and get information on rescuing one of the many fabulous soccer dogs looking for a great home.  Come out ready to have some fun as we choose boys and girls and moms and dads to play goal keeper as we learn all about this new exciting sport.

Goaaaalllll! Arfffffff! We have so much fun at the L.A. County Fair! Join us!

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Bow wow and a little Yo Ho Ho

I told you about some of the creative minds we have here, so now let me share some of what they’re working on for this year’s Fair. In-house we’ve been getting daily updates on what the 2008 Fair has in store. Now let me whet your appetites. Upstairs here in the MarCom department we arrrrrgh so excited about A Pirate’s Life – one of the new attractions for ’08. A Pirate’s Life will have everything Pirate including a pirate show, Cap’N Calico Jack’s Pirate Academy, Ship Wreck Reef where you can dig for treasures, and special fun planned for Sept. 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day. I’ve always wanted “scurvy dog” as part of my everyday patois. So bring your buccaneers of all ages and hop aboard.

 As an animal lover, I am really thrilled about this – Bark Park. Bark Park (the entryway is flanked by two giant fire hydrants – a dog’s dream!) is the one-stop shop for all things canine – and we mean all things! There’s spa treatments, aromatherapy, gourmet doggy treats, massages, “pawdicures,” and the finest in canine couture. Essentially, everything for your muttrosexual. Oh yeah, and custom designed dog houses (I feel like I want to say that like Oprah when she really gets into something and her voice goes deep – fabulous dawwwwg howwwsesss!). These aren’t just Rover-sleep-over dog houses – these are go-to-the-special-doggy-design-center-pick-your-favorite-granite-water-bowl abodes. We’re talking mission design, southern plantation, English countryside.

But in addition to the special treats, Bark Park is also charged with a very important mission – publicizing the plight of the thousands of homeless animals in shelters who need loving, caring homes. And this is a great thing. My husband and I adopted our beloved dog, Fiona, from the Inland Valley Human Society soon after we married nearly 15 years ago. It was a wonderful experience for us; she was an amazing member of our family. Fiona is now in doggy heaven, but she made a great impact on our lives, and we feel strongly about providing a home for one of the thousands of loving animals in shelters awaiting warm, comfortable homes. Bark Park will feature local shelters, who will offer adoptions. I can see it now – “Oh, hubby dear, can I talk to you over here by this cute, curly-haired pooch?”

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