It was Project Runway – Poodle Style yesterday when Bark Park featured a dog fashion show. Some of the puppies we have here at the Fair were dressed in the finest outfits from bell bottoms to camo to a tutu. Vecari Perez, owner of Pet It USA, provided the clothing. She and her partner make the clothing and dog jewelry, which is available at the Fair. They also have the popular dog strollers for $75, which retail for $110 elsewhere. There are cute rhinestone hair clips and shoes to keep the paws clean. Wow, who knew a dog could look so chic?


  1. Everything about Bark Park is great….the puppies, the misting fire hydrants, the Soccer Collie shows, the Extreme Stunt shows, the items for sale, the doghouses, and the shade. I just want to know when there will be a Kitty City!

  2. I loved Bark Park! It was so cool! The dogs were really cute.

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